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2017 VaporNation Coachella Survival Guide

Pack Your Indica to Indio, Vape Voraciously

It’s that time of year again, when inhibitions are dropped and thousands of music lovers, festival kids, aging scenesters, and people trying entirely too hard prepare for their yearly trek to the mecca of music in Southern California: Coachella. With a multitude of performers, excluding Beyonce of course, and three days of festivities, it can be easy to be overwhelmed or burned out. Worry not -- your friends at VaporNation ...

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KandyPens Elite Vaporizer Review - Sleek, Sexy Wax Pen

KandyPens ELITE is a few steps ahead of the average wax pen. Its look, feel, and performance are very agreeable. The hits are flowy. Vapor production is excellent; either small and poignant or big and robust, depending on which of the two included atomizers you use. And with a triple coat finish, the KandyPens Elite looks like the Rolls Royce of wax pens. In fact, the Vape Critic recently named ...

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5 Reasons to Start Vaping (Infographic)

A vaporizer is many things. A discreet way to decompress, a better alternative to other methods of consuming dry herb, wax concentrates, and eliquids, and a way to save money by getting the most out of each bowl. There's a lot to love about vaporizers. That's why vaping has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year.  If you’re wondering if you should start vaping, here are 5 reasons to own a vaporizer.    Vaporizers ...

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Why Are Vape Sales Soaring?

A new report suggests vaporizers are growing more popular than smoking

According to Eaze, a California-based dry herb delivery service, sales of vape cartridges in the Golden State recently skyrocketed 400%. In 2015, vape cartridges made up 6% of Eaze’s total revenue. In 2016, they soared to 24%. Interestingly, most of these vape sales occurred in Silicon Valley. To put these percentages into perspective, one in five of Eaze’s total orders included a vape cartridge. On the other hand, traditional dry herb sales, which ...

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Enter to Win A Free AirVape Xs Portable Vape

This month’s VaporNation contest prize is the AirVape Xs, a portable dry herb vaporizer with precision temperature control, a high-grade ceramic oven, and very compact and stealthy design.

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Finding a Vaporizer that Doesn’t Smell

We reveal the vapes and accessories that won’t blow your cover

Do vaporizers smell? A little bit, yes. Is there a smell proof vaporizer? Not exactly. But not to worry. Vaporizers are way less smelly than smoking, and don’t leave lingering odors like smoke will. That said, vapor can still set off some social alarms if you’re vaping around work, your grandma, your parole officer--you get the idea. Luckily there are ways to minimize odor when vaping, from finding a vaporizer that lets off fewer smells ...

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