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5 Reasons to Own a Handheld Vaporizer

Handheld vaporizers are the latest evolutionary stage of vaping devices, an answer to the modern commuter lifestyle, and a solution for vaping discretely in public. The best portable vaporizers pack the high-level vapor production of desktop vapes in compact units that can be used anytime, anywhere. Handheld vaporizers are also more affordable than larger vaporizers, and easier to operate. Let’s unpack the 5 top reasons for going portable at your ...

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Cheap Vaporizers -- What Are You Missing?

With vaporizers, you generally get what you pay for--with a few exceptions. For example, the Pulsar APX is a very reasonable priced portable vaporizer that performs better than its price tag suggests. Generally speaking, if you’re buying an affordable vape, you’re not going to enjoy the same advanced features, premium materials, and performance heating systems as pricier units. Breakdown of Affordable Prices Each type of vaporizer has a different price range. The ...

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5 Celebrities Who Designed Their Own Vaporizers

Since vaporizers rose to mainstream popularity, we’ve noticed a few celebrities cashing in with their own signature vapes. Celebrity vaping is wonderful for the vaporizer industry. It helps further establish vaping as an acceptable practice (if Whoopi Goldberg vapes, it must be ok, right?), turns smokers on to a healthier alternative that’s 95% safer than cigarettes, and introduces some interesting new vapes to the market. Snoop Dogg The rapper known as ...

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Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016

Home is where the heart is. That’s why desktop vaporizer sessions are special. There’s something comforting about exceptional vaporization you can share from the solace your den. If you’re looking for a vape to add to your living room set, we ranked the best desktop vaporizers of 2016 based on their performance, design, and usability. 5 - Volcano Digital The Volcano vaporizer set the standard for desktop vapes. Precision engineered, sturdy, ...

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We Found the Stealthiest Vaporizer Ever

Portable vaporizers are a convenient way to fit vaping into your everyday life. That’s because they’re easy to carry around, but most importantly, because they enable stealthy vaping. As a rule for public vaporization, the stealthier the vape, the better. Usually, discreet vaporizers take a pen-like design reminiscent of an ecigarette. That way you can vape anything and look to be inhaling no more than nicotine. But some vaporizers take ...

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Spotlight: The Cloud Pen Paragon Vape Pen

The definition of ‘paragon’ is, “the perfect example of a particular quality.” By combining high purity vapor production with innovatively convenient features, the Cloud Pen Paragon, lives up to its name as the ideal vape pen for on-the-go vaping. Fitting vaping into your busy schedule can be a little challenging. Carrying your vaping materials and tools can be a hassle, and finding a portable vaporizer that performs like a desktop unit ...

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Vape It Cool with the Vapir Rise Glass Bubbler

Vapir has released a new bubbler attachment for their Vapir Rise desktop vaporizer, enabling users to moisture-condition and purify the unit’s already impressively pure vapor. Great news for pure vaping enthusiasts, as well as those who like their vapor to be pleasantly smooth to inhale. The addition of a glass bubbler to the Vapir Rise effectively lowers the temperature of your vapor while purifying it through water filtration. The result is ...

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Behold the New DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

After two years in the making, DaVinci has announced their latest herbal vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ. The new offering is a sleekly designed portable vaporizer for dry herbs, with some truly innovative features and pure, smooth vapor production to boot. There’s a First for Everything As DaVinci CEO Cort Smith put it, “we believe in building from the inside out.” That credo rings true in the DaVinci IQ, which features the first ...

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Vaping 101: How to Use Your Vape Pen

Many of our customers contact us with questions about how to get the most out of their new vape pens.   Your vape pen, which may also go by the name wax pen, dry herb vape pen, or vaporizer pen, is a portable vaporizer that falls into its own class by virtue of its discreet, pen-shaped design. By resembling a pen or ecigarette, these vaporizers are an especially stealthy way to ...

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Why Willie Nelson Switched to Vaping

Willie Nelson vapes. In fact he introduced Snoop Dogg to vaping. Sounds like a bit of trivia to share at a party. But it also sheds light on why more and more smokers are turning to vaporizers. The Legend Didn’t Always Use a Vaporizer Willie--we’re pretty sure we can call him Willie--has always been the most honest about his pot use. Even after several arrests for pot possession. Not that the 83-year-old ...

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