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Get Stylin' with New Vapor Nation Gear!

So you love your new Herbal Vaporizer, but you want to show more support for the amazing device that’s changed your life. Well now you can. VaporNation, your Online Vaporizer Superstore, is currently having a blowout sale on all their Vaporizer Apparel.

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Vapor Nation is the place for Vaporizer Accessories!

So you have a great Herbal Vaporizer, but you still need some accessories?  Well, VaporNation is the one-stop-shop for all your Vaporizer Accessory needs.  This Online Vape Superstore carries all sorts of Vaporizer Accessories, including battery and charger kits, Volcano Vaporizer Accessories, Vapir Accessories, Silver Surfer Accessories, Arizer Accessories, and many other Vaporizer Accessories.  They are currently having a sale on their Universal Car and Boat Charger with Power Adapter.   ...

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Arizer V-Tower is Here!

VaporNation is having a gigantic sale on all their Best Vaporizers. This includes Arizer’s V-Tower Vaporizer, which is one of the Best Whip-Style Vaporizers on the market today.

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Silver Surfer's Have Arrived...Surf's Up!

It’s time to jump aboard the Silver Surfer wave that’s sweeping the Vaporizer Industry.  Silver Surfer has been producing some of the Best Vaporizers over the last few years.   Their Herbal Vaporizers are made of the highest quality parts available and utilize the highest grade ceramic heating elements.  Silver Surfer Vaporizers are manufactured in the USA and come with a three year warranty that includes free lifetime service.  All Silver Surfer Vaporizers ...

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Why use a Vaporizer?

Over the last fifteen years, Vaporizers have become a healthy alternative to smoking.  When an herb is heated over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, combustion occurs by releasing the active substances and making them available for absorption through the lungs.  Unfortunately, many of the carcinogens associated with smoking are also inhaled and become very dangerous to the lungs.  On the other hand, vaporizers will heat up the herbs to a temperature between ...

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Essential Vaporizers are Here!

Always looking to carry the newest vaporizers available, VaporNation is proud to announce a new addition to their line of top quality vaporizers.  Meet the Essential Vaporizer.  Based out of Northern California, Essential Vaporizers has burst onto the Vaporizer scene with a new line of portable and handheld vaporizers.  These small vaporizers are specially designed for vaporizing essential oils and refined aromatherapy blend concentrates. It can also vaporize unrefined herbs.  ...

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Essential VAAAP & Eclipse Vape 20 & H20 Vaporizers on Sale

Now at VaporNation we are proud to carry Essential Vaporizers.  These unique vaporizers are made to burn concentrates, rather than aromatherapy blends.  It can be used to heat up aromatherapy blends, but it is highly not recommended.  Each unique Essential Vape serves a purpose.  Two fit into different size water piece down stems, while the other is a portable piece.  We also carry replaceable glass vials in case you want ...

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is now at VaporNation!

VaporNation is proud to announce a new addition to our Vaporizer Lineup.  The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is one of the hottest and most efficient vaporizers available today.  This extremely portable vaporizer utilizes a copper plated steel rod heating element that heats up within eight seconds!  Unlike the Iolite Vaporizer, this portable unit does NOT rely on butane or a cheap lighter. It’s one of the only battery-powered vaporizers ...

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