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  • This is the replacement Boundless CFC mouthpiece. The Boundless CFC mouthpiece features a screen that filters and sifts vapor to purify and cool each hit before it reaches your mouth.
    • Filter Screen
    • Low Resistance Airflow
    • Heat Isolating

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  • The Boundless CFV Micro Bubbler delivers smoother, cooler, and purer vapor through water filtration--all on-the-go. You don't have to sacrifice portability for purity. This high grade glass bubbler with stainless steel pieces lets you enjoy comfortable vapor that's rich with flavorful terpenes and free of harshness.
    • High Grade Glass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Easy to Clean

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  • The Boundless water pipe adapter connects your Boundless vaporizer to any water pipe for smooth, pure and cool vapor production. Enjoy the fruits of water filtration in seconds by screwing the Boundless adapter into the vape's herb chamber, then fitting the opposite end into the stem of the water pipe.
    • Works with: CF, CFX and CFV
    • Universal Water Pipe Compatibility
    • Stainless Steel

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Boundless Vaporizer Parts

Boundless vaporizers push the outer limits of vaporization with nuanced features and advanced capabilities. The heat retention rings of the Boundless CFV are truly novel, and its convection heating system delivers vapor production of exceptional purity. As you know, to maintain Boundless vapes you need Boundless vape parts. These essential vaporizer parts will optimize the performance of your Boundless vaporizer, and help you maintain its longevity into the years. Boundless vape parts are constructed with care, ensuring the utmost in quality. Solidly built and easy to install, Boundless vaporizer parts play a key role in the convection technology for which Boundless vapes are famous.

Finding Boundless Vape Parts

While Boundless vaporizer parts excell in build quality, breakage take its toll on even the best products when they’re dropped. You can stock up on Boundless vape parts now to be prepared should your Boundless vaporizer need a replacement. Alternatively, you can order a replacement Boundless vaporizer part after a breakage occurs and receive it in just a few days. Boundless vape parts are made with the highest quality materials, so when you invest in them, you’re receiving quality you can depend on. We stock every Boundless vaporizer part to ensure the continuous and optimal performance of your Boundless Vaporizer.

About Boundless Vaporizers

Located in Southern California, Boundless Technology specializes in portable vaporizers for dry herb. Boundless vaporizers are built for portability and stealth, making them ideal for vaping on-the-go. But they don’t sacrifice vapor quality for compactness. Featuring advanced convection and conduction heating technology, Boundless vapes deliver vapor of very high purity that displays the true flavors, aromas, and effects of dry herb. Boundless vaporizers feature solid, ergonomic builds that are easy to grip and conceal. With unique features like heat retention, precision temperature, and rotating stem-straw mouthpieces, Boundless vapes are the future of dry herb vaporization in the palm of your hand.