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Finding a Desktop Vaporizer for Home Vaping

Desktop vaporizers are designed for home use and plugin to any wall outlet. They typically come in two different styles: whip-style or forced air. Whip-style vaporizers utilize a piece of medical grade tubing called a “whip” to inhale vapor as it’s drawn from the heating element. Forced air vaporizers like the Herbalizer are a bit more advanced, and utilize a fan that propels the heat over your herbs and fills a balloon bag or whip attachment with vapor. Some desktop vaporizers are referred to as “dual-function,” and are capable of both a forced air and whip-style delivery.

What do Desktop Vaporizers Offer?

Most people would agree that desktop units provide the greatest amount of vapor production, as well as the most efficient vaporization experience. Desktop units are ideal for those who will be vaporizing mainly at home. While portable vapes may prove easier to carry on-the-go than desktop vapes, they generally don't compare in terms of performance and efficiency. For that reason, those who vape at home generally prefer desktop vaporizers.

While the technology differs from unit to unit, desktop vaporizers commonly deliver high quality vapor production in terms of purity as well as quantity. Since these units plugin to a standard wall outlet, they’re capable of reaching power levels far higher than portable vaporizers, producing large, robust vapor clouds.

Forced-Air / Balloon Bag
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