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  • Enjoying your favorite wax concentrates is easier than ever with the new DipStick Vaporizer. Take your dab game to the next level with this revolutionary new portable device that allows you to vape wax, shatter, dabs and crumble on-the-go with no sticky mess. Designed to eliminate the hassle that's typically associated with e-nails, standard wax pens, and other means of wax vaporization - the DipStick is without a doubt the most portable and user-friendly way to enjoy concentrates. Say goodbye to clunky, expensive e-nails and cheap, unreliable wax pens. By utilizing a completely unique design and vapor delivery system, the DipStick makes it easier than ever to enjoy dabs at home or on-the-go.
    • Compact & Portable
    • Ceramic Heating Tip
    • Easy to Clean & Maintain

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Wax Pens for Dabbers

Manufactured by Housed-based innovators Improve, the DipStick is the portable alternative to under-whelming wax pen vaporizers and clunky, cumbersome desktop dab rigs. The DipStick's unique "no load" functionality allows you to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates without the mess or hassle typically associated with wax vaporization. Just "dip" the heating coil tip into a jar of your wax or apply directly to a slab of shatter, inhale through the mouthpiece located on the opposite end, and "dab out".