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  • The Dr Dabber Boost eRig is the revolutionary new electronic dab rig from one of the most trusted names in the industry - Dr. Dabber. Say goodbye to clunky, cumbersome e-nails that cost an arm and a leg. The Boost is the first portable eRig that's compact enough to keep up with your busy grab-and-go lifestyle. With the Boost, there's no coils or wicks to worry about. Simply load-up your favorite wax concentrates and dab anywhere and everywhere! Always on the forefront of wax vaporization technology, it comes as no surprise that Dr Dabber is leading the new eRig revolution.
    • No Wicks or Coils
    • Portable eRig (eNail)
    • For Solid Wax Concentrates

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  • The Source Nail is the revolutionary new portable dab device from Source Vapes. Part mod, part eNail, the Source Nail perfectly combines portability and power into one cutting-edge wax vaporizer. Powered by the Volt 40W TC (temperature control) sub-ohm box mod battery, the Source Nail includes three state-of-the-art coilless atomizers (Titanium, Ceramic and Quartz), each of which provide a different vaporization experience. Attach the high-quality glass bubbler attachment to add an element of water filtration to your dab sessions, or use the included glass globe for more intense direct draws.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Portable eNail/eRig
    • Water Filtration Bubbler

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  • Able to reach a maximum temperature of 980°F, the Pulsar Hand E-Nail gives you the type of power you'd expect from a traditional desktop dab rig, but with the convenience and versatility of a battery-powered unit. Don't be fooled by overpriced eRigs that claim to be true e-nails. Only the Pulsar Hand E-Nail is equipped with a high-quality ceramic heater core, making it the real deal and the obvious choice for daily dabbers.
    • Newest Model - Version 2.0
    • Ceramic Heating Core
    • Grade 2 Titanium Nails

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  • Dabs (wax concentrates) are taking over the cannabis community, and battery-powered electronic dab rigs (referred to as e-nails) are becoming just as popular. With that said, it's only fitting that Cloud V, one of the most trusted names in the industry, has released the highest quality e-nail yet. The Electro is powered by a long-lasting 6000mAh battery, and includes a Side Arm Aqua Bubbler water attachment, as well as two titanium dab nails. This unit's sturdy design and convenient portability make it the ideal alternative to traditional desktop rigs.
    • Titanium Nail
    • Fast Heat-Up
    • Two Heat Settings

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  • Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive e-nails that won't leave you with a hole in your wallet and a bad taste in your mouth? Enter the Dab Ninja - the most cost effective solution to desktop dab rigs yet. Designed to be compatible with any water device, the Dab Ninja will open up a whole new world of wax wonders, and a fraction of the price of other dab rigs.
    • Digital Regulator
    • 20mm Coil Heater
    • Universally Compatible

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  • The Torrid from White Rhino is the first of its kind, 100% portable and rechargeable e-nail attachment for waxy oils that can be used with your favorite water pipe. By utilizing a massive triple-coil atomizer, the Torrid operates differently than standard e-nails that require a power cord. Because the Torrid is battery operated and rechargeable, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about plugging it in. Just attach the Torrid to your water pipe with the convenient 6-in-1 adapter, which allows the Torrid to connect easily to either male or female water pipe connections.
    • Portable & Rechargeable
    • Triple-Coil Ceramic Rod Atomizer
    • 6-in-1 Adapter Fits Any Water Pipe

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  • With the new Studio Rig portable eNail attachment from Atmos you can maximize the versatility of your box mod, using it to vaporize wax as well as herbs.
    • 25mm Base
    • 510 Threaded
    • Portable e-Rig System

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  • The KandyPens ICON Attachment is a 510 threaded mod kit designed with the daily dabber in mind. Three unique nails (quartz, ceramic and titanium) give you the ability to dab on the surface your choice.
    • 3 Unique Nails (Quartz, Ceramic & Titanium)
    • 510 Threaded
    • Operates with TC and Wattage Control Batteries

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  • This is a replacement glass bubbler attachment for the Source Nail portable eNail that also includes three replacement atomizers (coilless titanium, coilless quartz, coilless ceramic), as well as a glass globe attachment.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Water Filtration Bubbler
    • Glass Globe Attachment

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What is an ENail?

As wax concentrates become more readily available, portable e-nails (also called eRigs) have become the preferred means for dabbing wax. Compact, yet powerful, portable e-nails represent the latest way to vaporize wax concentrates. More reliable and powerful than most traditional wax pen vaporizers, portable eNails provide the type of power you'd expect from a desktop dab rig that draws energy from a wall outlet. The main difference between desktop rigs and portable e-nails is that the latter is battery-powered and rechargeable, enabling dabbing on-the-go.

Unlike traditional torch and fire methods for vaporizing wax concentrates and oils, enails utilize heating elements powered by batteries to quickly vaporize materials. Enails are not compatible with dry herbs or eliquids. Designed to expedite and ease the process of dabbing, enails are crafted specifically for the vaporization of wax concentrates.

Enails for Dabbing On-the-Go

As dabbing grows in popularity, the enail industry has responded with the release of more advanced units. Enails like the Cloud V Electro boast long-lasting and rechargeable batteries. The Cloud V also comes with an aqua bubbler attachment. This helps purify and moisture condition vapor through water filtration. Popular with "cloud chasers", the Source Nail is fitted with a sub oHm mod battery enabling the production of large clouds of vapor, and three types of atomizers (quartz, ceramic, and titanium). Enails are capable of delivering the vapor production of a desktop rig with the features and portability of portable vaporizers.