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Vaporizers, Take Flight

Flytlab vaporizers stay true to their companies name, crafting portable vaporizers ideal for getting lifted. These vaporizers feature a portable vaporizer form factor with compatibility for a wide variety of vaping materials including dry herb, wax concentrates, and e-juice. The wide selection of vape materials, as well as the robust, vape pen form factor will make Flytlab vaporizers appealing to vapers of all experience levels.

Vapor Fusion

The Flytlab fuse vaporizer introduces the concept of vapor infusion to the portable vaporizer market. Essentially, the vaporizer features three different atomizers, including a wax atomizer, a dry herb atomizer and a e-juice atomizer. The Fuse portable vaporizer also features two different heating elements which can be combined with any two of the atomizers --at the same time! This opens up a whole new world of combinations for flavor and aromatherapy effects.

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