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Vapornation Bonus Gifts



Beeline Hemp Wick (Orders over $150.00)

The Beeline Hemp Wick is a natural, organic alternative to butane, which will save your lungs and allow you to better taste your aromatherapy blend. It's is a sustainable, organic product made using only organic hemp and bees wax. Each single pack contains 9 feet of wick that can be used for a variety of purposes.


Green Chronic Cleaner (Orders over $150.00)

From the innovators who brought you Orange Chronic and Agent Orange, comes Green Chronic - the newest addition to the best line of cleaning solutions. Clean your Vaporizer and Vaporizer Accessories with this earth friendly cleaning solution! This 12oz bottle of Green Chronic is the most effective and potent cleaning solution available and works on any type of plastic or acrylic materials.


Smoke Buddy Junior (Orders over $250.00)

Looking for a way to hide that smell? Meet the Smoke Buddy! By utilizing an advanced air filter, this portable device is perfecting for eliminating any type of unwanted smell or odor. The Smoke Buddy is an environmentally friendly product that keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family and neighbors. It's compact and lightweight design make it small enough to fit inside your pocket and it's perfect for travel or storing discreetly. This new "Junior" version of the Smoke Buddy makes it easier than ever to transport and use discreetly.


VaporIcer Cooling System (Orders over $250.00)

Just when you thought that vaporizing couldn't get any better, the VaporICER Vapor Cooling System makes your vapor ice cold, giving you the absolute finest, softest, coolest and smoothest vaporizing experience available today.


VaporNation Lungs T-Shirt (Orders over $250.00)

This stylish VaporNation T-Shirt features a set of Lungs on the front and the slogan "Stop Smoking. Start Vaporizing." on the back. It's made from 100% cotton, comes in either gray or blue and is available in all sizes.