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  • Looking to turn your electronic mod device into a high-powered portable dab rig? Want to experience the true taste and flavor of your wax concentrates? The new Highbrid Sub-Ohm Wax Tank is the new revolutionary product from Honey Stick - the dab professionals.

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  • This is a rebuild kit for the Honey Stick Highbrid Sub-Ohm Wax Tank. Don't need the full tank at this time? With this rebuild kit you get two replacement atomizers to keep your Highbrid Tank running like a champ!

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  • Now you can turn any electronic mod into a high-powered personal dab rig! With the new Honey Stick Ceramic Atomizer, it's now possible to enjoy wax concentrates with sub-ohm power. Free of wicks and coils, this fully ceramic wax attachment features universal 510 threading, and can be connected to any electronic mod. Compatible with sub-ohm devices, the Honey Stick Ceramic Atomizer can reach resistance levels as low as 0.8Ω. Take your dab game to the next level with this awesome wax atomizer attachment.

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  • The Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank converts your sub-ohm mod into a dry herb and wax concentrate vaporizer, delivering impressively large clouds of intensely flavorful vapor. Compatible with any mod battery, the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank lets you vape your favorite strains and waxes with the precision temperature control of a mod. Unlock new flavor notes and aromas. Explore lung-expanding clouds at higher temperatures. And enjoy sweet vapor on-the-go with the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank.

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Honey Stick products are for serious dab enthusiasts who crave more than standard wax pen vaporizers can produce. Makers of high-powered wax mods and sub-ohm compatible wax attachments and atomizers, Honey Stick's new fully ceramic atomizer easily attaches to your electronic mod, turning your old e-juice vaping device into a handheld dab rig capable of producing serious clouds, helping you to reach new heights of wax vaporization.