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Hot Box Vaporizer - Tile

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The Hot Box is an innovative multipurpose inhalation device designed to enhance your vaporizing experience. Its simple design makes it perfect for any first-time vaporizer user. Hot Box Vaporizers are all about style; incorporating a simplistic yet stylish approach to vaporizing. These efficient Vaporizers are available in a variety of designs and bright colors. Each unit is made of patented stone or tile construction combined with a uniquely engineered ceramic nichrome heating element. This high-quality heating element ensures that the user experiences the most efficient vaporization process possible. The Hot Box Vaporizer was designed for those who don’t want to deal with over complicated devices. Instead, this unit has only a simple on/off switch.

The direct draw method is perfect for those who don’t care to deal with replacing bags on a regular basis. Offered in a variety of colors and stone configurations this unit provides a personalized vibe that is hard to come by with most other box style vaporizers. The Hot Box Vaporizer was designed for those who want a reliable vaporizing device that doesn’t rely on flashy overpriced technology. Over the last five years, Hot Box Vapors have quickly established themselves as one of the leading Vaporizer manufacturer’s because of their high quality standards and futuristic designs. Sticking with simplicity, the Hot Box also includes a 2 piece whip kit that breaks apart and allows the user to easily clean and maintain the glass. Each unit includes a 5 Year Warranty that covers any defected related to the heating element.


The Hot Box Vaporizers comes in two different whip styles: Standard and Ground Glass. The Standard version provides a hands free connection that allows the user to vaporize without holding the whip in place. The Ground Glass version also provides a hands free experience, however, it utilizes a ground glass connection that is airtight and more secure.

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