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  • The Elevape Dabber Kit is compatible with the Elevape Vaporizer and allows the user to vaporize their favorite oil/wax. Simply screw the dabber kit onto your Elevape Vaporizer and your ready to start vaporizing oil/wax within seconds. The advanced dabber design makes it easier than ever to load your oil/wax and it also vaporizes more efficiently when compared to other cartridge systems.

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iPuff Elevape Vape Parts

iPuff, also known as Elevape, are known for their desktop vaporizer, the Elevape Smart Vape, and their vape pen, the Elevape vaporizer. The latter is notable for being one of the view vape pens to be compatible with dry herb. For a more versatile vaping experience, Elevape has released the Elevape Dabber Kit for vaporizing wax concentrates. This vape part allows users to vape wax much easier than most kits. Simply attach the dabber kit to the Elevape vaporizer and enjoy your favorite wax concentrates.