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KandyPens Parts and Accessories

KandyPens has grown to be one of the most popular vaporizer brands with an impressive lineup of wax pens. But KandyPens vaporizer accessories have also played an important role in their success. Made of high quality materials with precision engineering, KandyPens parts are reliable and easy to remove or replace from KandyPens vaporizers.

Replacement KandyPens Vaporizer Parts

KandyPens are built tough, but every once and awhile vape parts need to be replaced, whether its due to resin build up, breakage or misplacement. KandyPens parts include replacement mouthpieces and atomizers for the KandyPens Donuts, Galaxy, K Vape and more.

KandyPens Accessories

There are also KandyPens accessories for enhancing your vaporization experience. The KandyPens Glass Bubbler and KandyPens Glass Tornado Vubbler attachments moisture condition and purify vapor for smoother hits. The KandyPens Gravity Dual Quartz Rod atomizer delivers intensely flavored draws from wax concentrates. And the KandyPens Gravity coilless atomizer uses Sloburn technology to produce fully flavored vapor.