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Vape Parts for Kanger

Kanger is known for their line of powerfully customizable vape mods. These mod vaporizers are popular with "cloud chasers" who push the limits of vaporization to create impressively large clouds of vapor. Kanger vape parts play an essential role in customizing these units, giving users great power over their vapor production. Kanger vaporizer parts are also important for extending the life of your vaporizer and optimizing vapor production.

Vaporizer Parts for Kanger Vape Mods

Kanger vape parts not only maintain, but enhance vaporization. Kanger dual coil atomizers, which comes in 5 packs, with a sub-ohm resistance for high power vaporization. The Kanger Aerotank V2 rebuildable glass tank for vaping eliquids features an advanced airflow system and food-grade materials for smooth, flavorful hits. To give users the vapor production of an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) without having to wrap their own coils around the atomizer, there's the Kanger OCC Subtank Coil. Utilizing Japanese cotton, these coils are made to last longer and vape more effectively.