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  • The Evoke Vaporizer is the first smart vape powered by induction. The creators of this revolutionary device, Loto Labs, had one simple goal: to create the world's best vaporizer. It's beautifully crafted, fits ergonomically in your hands, requires low maintenance, creates massive clouds, and works amazingly time after time. The biggest difference between the Evoke and all other portable vaporizers is the heating element. Whereas other vapes use a wick and coil system that degrade quickly and need to be replaced often, the Evoke utilizes induction heating.

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Advanced Vaporizer Technology

The revolutionary Evoke vaporizer from Loto Labs aims to advance the progression of vaporizer technology. This vaporizer is the first to use induction heating to vaporize your vaping materials. The portable vaporizer heats your vaping materials while staying cool to the touch thanks to the induction technology, which essentially charges electrons to create vapor. This extends the longevity of the portable vaporizer as it avoids the common atomizer convention which is prone to failure over time. This vaporizer is multi-functional, being compatible with e-juice, dry herb, and concentrates, while offering even vaporization.

Not Your Grandfather's Corn Cob Pipe

The futuristic design of the Evoke vaporizer is actually inspired by antique pipes of the past. In olden times, pipes were much more than smoking devices, they were artistic pieces created by artisans, often used as a status symbol. Loto Labs created a vaporizer which is more stylized than the common vape pen, offering a vaporizer which favors design and function over discretion.