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Build A Vape

Vape mods or modular vaporizers are highly portable vaporizers which can be customized for function by the user. The modular nature allows parts to be easily interchanged, to outfit a vaporizer perfect for your needs. While mods may seem somewhat unapproachable to the beginner, in practice, they are actually quite simple. All mods consist of a tank, which contains an atomizer, a variable voltage battery, which serves as the brain of the mod, and some source of power.

Vape Anatomy

Below you can find a selection of vaporizer mod parts to build or repair your portable vaporizer. Vaporizer tanks will hold your e-juice, or other materials if noted. Atomizers, sometimes referred to as coils, power the vaporization by providing the temperatures needed by the vaporizer. Batteries power the voltage control module, most will come with batteries, however you can easily find a replacement or backup set here. Chargers are also available to keep you vaping.