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  • The Hylo is the newest portable innovation from one of the most recognizable names in vaporization, White Rhino. The Hylo utilizes convection heating and is a true zero combustion unit. It takes just 45 seconds to reach one of three easy to select heat settings. With a lightweight, slim body-style, it's discreet enough to carry in your pocket which makes it the ideal vaporizer to bring with you on-the-go. You'll never want to leave home without it.
    • 8 Available Colors
    • Zero Combustion
    • Variable Heat Setting (374°-410°F)

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  • NEWEST VERSION - PRO MODEL - The Pinnacle Pro Model comes with an improved heating chamber and 5 heat settings that can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button. The multiple heat settings make the vaporization process more efficient for vaporizing your favorite herbs.
    • Multiple Heat Settings
    • Improved Heating Chamber

    Special Price $199.99

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  • The Sonic Vaporizer has arrived. Meet the newest and most efficient portable vaporizer ever created. This sleek and portable unit is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with it's advanced heating technology and precise temperature control system. Unlike many other portable vapes that struggle to produce vapor, Sonic is one of the best handheld vaporizers for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor.
    • Ceramic Heating Chamber
    • Easy to Use
    • Advanced Heating Technology

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  • The Vapor King/Bliss Vaporizer is a Hands Free model that allows the user to enjoy their favorite aromatherapy blend without having to hold the whip in place. This high-quality whip-style Vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating element instead of the “soldering iron” cores that can be found on many cheaper units. A ceramic heating element ensures a quick heat-up time so the user can start vaporizing within about thirty seconds. It also ensures that no toxins or harmful chemicals are released by the heating element.
    • Hands Free Technology
    • Simple to Operate
    • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element

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  • The Pinnacle Pro from VaporBlunt is the portable convection that started it all, and the DLX Model incorporates an added element of water filtration for cooler, smoother vapor that’s hydrated and moisturized. Included in the Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer Kit is a VaporBlunt’s high-quality glass HydroTube bubbler attachment, which fits securely over a 14mm water tool adapter (also included). Equipped with five optimized heat settings and constructed from high-impact temperature-resistant plastic, the Pinnacle Pro was one of the first truly portable convection vaporizers – and is still going strong.
    • Compact & Portable
    • 5 Preset Heat Settings
    • Cools & Hydrates Vapor

    Special Price $229.99

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  • Big things come in 'mini' packages. The Cloud V Platinum Mini embodies everything you love about the original Platinum, but in a smaller, more discreet and portable design. Measuring just 3.5" tall, the Cloud V Platinum Mini is so small, it gives the term "flying under the radar" new meaning. You'll be able to pull it out and use it just about anywhere without anyone knowing. However, don't mistake the Mini's smallness for weakness. The 270mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery is capable of packing a serious punch.
    • SNAP Version
    • Small, Sleek & Portable
    • 270mAh Battery

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  • The Vaporite Ruby Vaporizer is compatible with waxy oils and features an ultra fast heat-up time for quick and efficient vaporization. Simply place a dab of your favorite waxy oil onto the atomizer, then press the button to start vaporizing within seconds. The one-button activation system makes it very simple to operate and it also utilizes a 5-click lock/unlock mechanism to preserve battery life. Unlike many other wax vaporizers that use cheap atomizers, the Ruby atomizer is a high-quality component that should last for a long period of time.
    • One-Button Activation
    • 5-Click Lock/Unlock Mechanism
    • Compatible with Waxy Oils

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  • Made by Vaporite, the Quartz Vaporizer is compatible with any type of waxy oil and features a glass globe design for powerful vapor production. The 1100mah battery ensures long lasting vapor and each kit includes two wax atomizers made from high quality parts. Simply place a dab of your favorite wax directly on the atomizer, then press the button to start enjoying thick and flavorful vapor. The newest model (version 2.0) includes Bluetooth technology that syncs with any smartphone to monitor usage, temperature and battery level.
    • Glass Globe Design
    • 1100mah Battery
    • High-Quality Atomizer

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  • The White Rhino Dube Disposable Vaporizer is compatible with any type of waxy oil and features a one-button activation system. Simply place a dab of your favorite waxy oil into the atomizer and began inhaling to receive clouds of vapor. When you're finished using it, just throw it away! Note: Lasts up to 100 puffs.
    • Disposable Design
    • One-Button Activation
    • Compatible with Waxy Oils

    Special Price $14.99

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  • Designed for true dab enthusiasts, the new Nectar Collector Honeybird water filtration device from Micro Vaped features Switch Hit Technology, which allows you to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates with or without the use of a 510 threaded battery and Micro Vaped Skillet Atomizer. Adding an element of water filtration cools and moisturizes your hits, resulting in smoother, tastier dabs.
    • Quartz Tip
    • Water-Cooled
    • 510 Threaded

    Special Price $79.99

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  • The future of portable vaporizing technology continues to evolve. Meet the Pinnacle Vaporizer, a portable Lithium Ion powered device that is equally beautiful in its simplicity and efficiency. It features a high-quality lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and reliable, allowing for quick vaporizing at any altitude. The Pinnacle employes a unique one button easy on/off power switch. Measuring in at a very sleek and pocket friendly 5" long and 1" diameter, the Pinnacle Vaporizer easily fits in any pocket or purse. It features a smooth design that fits in the palm of your hand and it's very travel friendly.
    • Small & Compact Design
    • High-Quality Lithium Ion Battery
    • Ceramic Heating Element

    Special Price $149.99

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  • Made by Delta 9 Vaporizers, the Persei is an evolutionary personal essential oil vaporizer that allows you to vaporize anywhere and anytime. This vaporizer offers a healthier alternative to more traditional intake since there is no flame, no burning and therefore no carcinogens. This small discreet device is convenient and easily stored.
    • Easy to Use
    • Compact and Lightweight Design
    • Completely Portable - No Cords or Wires

    Special Price $149.99

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  • The Vapolution 3 is latest edition of the glass on glass whip style vaporizer that started it all. As the only desktop vaporizer to offer a 100% glass vapor path along with precise digital control, the Vapolution 3 is setting a new industry standard, and is the preferred desktop unit of true vapor enthusiasts. Equipped with a removable glass heater liner, a large LED lit digital display, and compatible with multiple different draw attachments - including the glass Vapolution All-in-Wonder Bowl - the V3 is one of the most versatile whip style vaporizers, as well as one of the most user-friendly and intuitive.
    • Digital Display
    • Easy to Operate
    • Made in the USA

    Special Price $299.99

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  • The Forge Plus is the newest wax pen vaporizer from Atmos. Featuring universal 510 threading and equipped with a powerful 950mAh lithium-ion battery, the Forge plus boats the most advanced wax atomizers Atmos has ever released. Choose from a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer for ultra-clean, pure tasting dabs, or a Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer for a more traditional dab experience. Both of the advanced wax atomizers included with the Forge are equipped with high-quality titanium coils, which allow wax to be heated quickly and efficiently without any burnt or charred taste.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

    Special Price $69.95

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  • Boasting a touchscreen temperature control, the Loki Touch Vaporizer is the latest innovation to hit the vape scene. The digital LED interface makes it possible to set your favorite temperature with only a swipe of your finger. Change the temp one degree at a time!
    • Touch Screen Control
    • Digital LED Display
    • Micro USB Charging Port

    Special Price $159.99

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  • For those who vape wax on-the-go comes the stylishly discreet Vapir Pen. Perfect for vaping about town, the first ever Vapir vape pen features two optimized wax atomizers, a temperature controlled battery, and a sleek, compact design with a gunmetal finish. Compatible with concentrates and waxy materials, the Vapir Pen delivers smooth, great tasting vapor. Stay stealthy and satisfied with this easily concealable vape pen.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Temperature Control (350°, 390°, 430°)
    • Rapid Heat

    Special Price $69.99

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  • The Granite is the all-new e-juice pen vaporizer from Vaporite. This uniquely styled vape pen comes standard with a high quality rebuildable airflow control clearmoizer, allowing for ultimate command of the vapor produced, leading to a truly satisfying vaporizing experience. A powerful 1600mAh battery and dual coil changeable atomizer heads ensures the Granite only produces the highest quality vapor. Vaporite has added Bluetooth integration to their entire line of vape pens, including the Granite. Downloading the available iOS or Android App allows you to Sync your vaporizer to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor usage, temperature and battery level.
    • Bluetooth Enabled
    • Airflow Control Clearomizer
    • Dual Coil Atomizer Heads

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The Opal is the new ultra-sleek e-juice pen from Vaporite. It's compatible with all types of e-liquid and comes standard with a 900mah battery and wickless clearomizer for efficient vaporization of your liquids, making this is the ultimate e-juice pen for those looking for great vapor production as flavor infusion. The Vaporite Opal works at the press of a button and is capable of producing large clouds of vapor in 3-5 seconds. Simple to use, the Opal is perfect for those people who want to enjoy their e-juice with ease.The Opal also comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that syncs with any smartphone to monitor usage, temperature and battery level.
    • 900mah Battery
    • Easy-Fill Scaled Clearomizer
    • Heats Up in 3-5 seconds

    Special Price $49.99

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Vaporizer Discounts

From portable vaporizers to wax pens to desktop vapes, you can find monthly vaporizer deals on some of the best vapes. Enjoy industry-low prices up to 50% off on dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, or vapes that do both. Use search filters to zero in on a specific type of vaporizer. Choose from vapes with LED or digital displays, precision or preset temperature, and a variety of wax atomizer types. Whether you vape casually at home or discreetly outdoors, you can find a deal on the vaporizer for you.

Portable Vaporizer Deals

Finding a discounted portable vape can enhance your vaporization experience without hurting your wallet. Portable vaporizers are compact devices designed for use on-the-go. If you have a commuter lifestyle, for example, a portable vaporizer lets you vape away from home without much hassle. You can fit a portable vape in your hand or pocket, and carry it with you throughout your busy day. Many of our monthly vaporizer specials cut prices on portable vapes so you can fit portable vaping into your budget.

Discount Wax Pens

Wax pens put the potent power of wax concentrates in the palm of your hand. Slender, sleek, and easy-to-use, the wax pen is the ultimate companion for the waxy oil enthusiast. Wax pens feature atomizers--chambers with heating elements--that vaporize wax with direct heat. Wax atomizers can feature single, double, and even triple coil atomizers with quartz, ceramic, or metal heating rods. Wax pens can also be coilless, which promotes efficient vaporization. Each month you'll find wax pen deals on some of the best units on the market.

Desktop Vaporizer Deals

Desktop vaporizers are larger, plug-in vapes that pack more power than smaller portable devices. Expect vapor of higher purity, flavor, aroma, and effects. Desktop vapes are ideal for home use, and extract the most out of your dry herb. We feature a variety of discount desktop vaporizers.