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  • The Sonic Vaporizer has arrived. Meet the newest and most efficient portable vaporizer ever created. This sleek and portable unit is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with it's advanced heating technology and precise temperature control system. Unlike many other portable vapes that struggle to produce vapor, Sonic is one of the best handheld vaporizers for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor.

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  • Tired of carry around multiple vaporizers at once? Looking for a device that allows you to vape e-juice with sub-ohm power, that's also compatible with herbs and wax? The new Tantric from Vaporite may look like your average box mod, but is capable of so much more. The Tantric is a revolutionary 3-in-1 vaping device that supports e-liquid, dry blends and wax concentrates. Designed with enhanced versatility in mind, the Tantric has a 30W maxium power output, allows for precise wattage and temperature control, is compatible with any 510 threaded tank or attachment, and supports ultra-low atomizer resistance levels of 0.3Ω and up.

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  • The Vapor King/Bliss Vaporizer is a Hands Free model that allows the user to enjoy their favorite aromatherapy blend without having to hold the whip in place. This high-quality whip-style Vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating element instead of the “soldering iron” cores that can be found on many cheaper units. A ceramic heating element ensures a quick heat-up time so the user can start vaporizing within about thirty seconds. It also ensures that no toxins or harmful chemicals are released by the heating element.

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  • The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is a digitally powered portable vaporizer that is small enough to use almost anywhere. Mobility is the key design feature of the Oxygen 4.0 and it's advanced heating system ensures only the most efficient vaporizing process.

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  • The Vapolution 3 is latest edition of the glass on glass whip style vaporizer that started it all. As the only desktop vaporizer to offer a 100% glass vapor path along with precise digital control, the Vapolution 3 is setting a new industry standard, and is the preferred desktop unit of true vapor enthusiasts. Equipped with a removable glass heater liner, a large LED lit digital display, and compatible with multiple different draw attachments - including the glass Vapolution All-in-Wonder Bowl - the V3 is one of the most versatile whip style vaporizers, as well as one of the most user-friendly and intuitive.

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  • Boasting a touchscreen temperature control, the Loki Touch Vaporizer is the latest innovation to hit the vape scene. The digital LED interface makes it possible to set your favorite temperature with only a swipe of your finger. Change the temp one degree at a time!

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Vaporizer Discounts

From portable vaporizers to wax pens to desktop vapes, you can find monthly vaporizer deals on some of the best vapes. Enjoy industry-low prices up to 50% off on dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, or vapes that do both. Use search filters to zero in on a specific type of vaporizer. Choose from vapes with LED or digital displays, precision or preset temperature, and a variety of wax atomizer types. Whether you vape casually at home or discreetly outdoors, you can find a deal on the vaporizer for you.

Portable Vaporizer Deals

Finding a discounted portable vape can enhance your vaporization experience without hurting your wallet. Portable vaporizers are compact devices designed for use on-the-go. If you have a commuter lifestyle, for example, a portable vaporizer lets you vape away from home without much hassle. You can fit a portable vape in your hand or pocket, and carry it with you throughout your busy day. Many of our monthly vaporizer specials cut prices on portable vapes so you can fit portable vaping into your budget.

Discount Wax Pens

Wax pens put the potent power of wax concentrates in the palm of your hand. Slender, sleek, and easy-to-use, the wax pen is the ultimate companion for the waxy oil enthusiast. Wax pens feature atomizers--chambers with heating elements--that vaporize wax with direct heat. Wax atomizers can feature single, double, and even triple coil atomizers with quartz, ceramic, or metal heating rods. Wax pens can also be coilless, which promotes efficient vaporization. Each month you'll find wax pen deals on some of the best units on the market.

Desktop Vaporizer Deals

Desktop vaporizers are larger, plug-in vapes that pack more power than smaller portable devices. Expect vapor of higher purity, flavor, aroma, and effects. Desktop vapes are ideal for home use, and extract the most out of your dry herb. We feature a variety of discount desktop vaporizers.