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VaporNation is committed to providing our customers with the newest vaporizers available. We pride ourselves on carrying the newest vaporizing technology from all the best manufactures from around the world. Whether it's a new portable vaporizer or a forced-air vaporizer, we are focused on providing people with the latest and best vaporizers. Check back often to see what new vaporizers have been added to our growing selection of top quality vaporizers.
  1. Developed by Vapir, the Vapir Rise Vaporizer is a revolutionary product that will forever change the way you vaporize. Vapir has already garnered quite a reputation in the vaporizer industry with other popular models like the NO2 and One 5.0. But the Vapir Rise is sure to set the new standard for all Forced-Air Vapes. It's easy to use out of the box and it's fully functional with both dry blends and waxy oils. There's no need to purchase additional parts or accessories to make the unit compatible with waxy oils; it already includes everything you need!

    Retail Price: $349.99

    Your Price: $249.99

  2. The Sonic Vaporizer has arrived. Meet the newest and most efficient portable vaporizer ever created. This sleek and portable unit is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry with it's advanced heating technology and precise temperature control system. Unlike many other portable vapes that struggle to produce vapor, Sonic is one of the best handheld vaporizers for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor.

    Retail Price: $249.99

    Your Price: $199.99

  3. Elevape Smart Vaporizer

    Added March 26th

    The Elevape Smart Vape is the newest innovation from iPuff USA. This advanced portable unit features a revolutionary microprocessor that controls the air flow heat ratio for the most efficient vaporization possible. Unlike many other portable vaporizers that require a few minutes of waiting, the Smart Vape is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures instantly. This brand new vaporizer is unlike any other handheld unit on the market now.

    Retail Price: $364.99

    Your Price: $324.99

  4. PUFFiT X Vaporizer

    Added February 7th

    The PUFFiT X Vaporizer is the newest innovation from Discreet Vape. By adding an advanced forced-air system, they have managed to improve the vaporization process for their already popular PUFFiT Vaporizer. This new forced-air system does all the work for you. The internal fan inside the PUFFiT propels the hot air over your herbs, thereby creating a steady and consistent stream of vapor. This means you'll be receiving the best vapor production possible.

    Retail Price: $199.99

    Your Price: $169.99

  5. Vapman Vaporizer

    Added January 17th

    Made in Switzerland, the Vapman Vaporizer utilizes phyto-inhalation to achieve efficient and effective vaporization. This process produces no smoke, limited carcinogens and extracts the full flavor and purity from your plant material. Containing virtually no contaminants, the user is able to receive a clean vapor steam that includes only the active ingredients from your blend.

    Retail Price: $99.99

    Your Price: $85.99

  6. VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer

    Added November 18th

    The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is the latest model from VapeXhale and features the the most advanced heating technology in the vaporizer industry. The patent pending PerpetuHeat system generates quick, consistent and non-eroding heat. Traditional vaporizers produce differing vapor density depending on your inhalation style. With the VapeXhale PerpetuHeat System, you always get thick and tasty vapor no matter if you have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer or those of an octogenarian. PHS also maintains separation between the air and the heating element. The PHS heating system wraps around the exterior of air path built into the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, conductivity heating the air within the glass.

    Retail Price: $499.99

    Your Price: $449.99

  7. Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

    Added September 10th

    Created by an artist with form and function in mind, the Zephyr Ion is the newest and one of the hottest vaporizers on the market today. Aromatherapy and vapor enthusiasts are buzzing -- delighted by its unique design.  Like most other quality vaporizers, the Zephyr Ion heats the material in a controlled manner releasing only the active compounds in the plant as vapor.

    Retail Price: $459.99

    Your Price: $359.99

  8. Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

    Added September 5th

    NEWEST VERSION - PRO MODEL - The Pinnacle Pro Model comes with an improved heating chamber and 5 heat settings that can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button. The multiple heat settings make the vaporization process more efficient for vaporizing your favorite herbs.

    Retail Price: $269.99

    Your Price: $209.00

  9. Ascent Vaporizer

    Added July 24th

    Made by DaVinci, the Ascent Vaporizer represents the latest in vaporizer technology. This unit features a digital temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature with ease and precision. The removable glass mouthpiece makes it easy to transport and ensures only the best tasting vapor because of the all-glass pathway.

    Retail Price: $349.99

    Your Price: $249.99

  10. FlashVAPE Vaporizer

    Added March 25th

    The FlashVAPE Vaporizer is the fastest working portable vaporizer on the market today. With a vape time under 5 seconds, no other vaporizer can match it's speed and quickness. This vape gets the job done in under 5 seconds for each puff... it works seriously fast! There is absolutely no warm up time required - it starts to work instantly. It's compatible with all dry herbs and solid concentrates and features a beautiful sleek design that's available in a variety of colors. It features a solid construction of 100% anodized aluminum alloy and a 100% ceramic core to ensure maximum quality.

    Retail Price: $189.99

    Your Price: $159.99

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Found a better price?
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Best Price Guarantee
Found a better price?
Head to the product page and enter the amount you saw it for, then we’ll try to match that price.
Best Price Guarantee
Found a better price?
Head to the product page and enter the amount you saw it for, then we’ll try to match that price.