Odor Eliminators

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  • Eliminate unwanted smoke smells and odors with the revolutionary Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator! Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator removes smoke smell and odors by using clean, natural citrus oils to destroy tobacco smell in your home, office or car. The fresh scent of Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator not only removes cigarette smoke odor but is also ideal for eliminating cooking, trash, pet and other household odors. Unlike other air purifiers and air fresheners, the Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator is strong and highly effective. Each 4 oz. NON-aerosol can provides hundreds of environmentally-safe applications.

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  • You won't believe your nose with this Orange Chronic Smoke Out Air Freshener. Just one quick squirt will overwhelm a room in seconds with a sweet orange smell that can mask the most potent of odors. Extracted from fresh California oranges, this non-aerosol spray is made of all natural products. Leaving any room or car smelling like a freshly sliced orange, this Orange Chronic air freshener is absolutely perfect for any smoker's bedroom.

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Remove the Stank from Vaping Dank

Sometimes your dry herb vaporizer can leave behind noxious odors. While vaping is definitely more smell-neutral than smoking, some scents can still escape. This is when an odor eliminator comes into play. Much stronger than an air freshener, these products use natural oils and essences to neutralize odors. Keep it incognito, don't blow up your spot, eliminate the odors. These odor eliminators will keep your odors more neutral than Switzerland. Vape on.