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Desktop Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Storz & Bickel set out to re-imagine the classic whip-style desktop vaporizer with their Plenty vaporizer. This vaporizer features a unique stainless steel coil which further cools the vapor for consumption. The design is also modular, making repair and replacement of standard parts hassle-free. The unit comes standard with one of the best warranties in the vaporizer industry, however it doesn't cover user misuse or lost parts. If something bad happens to your desktop vaporizer, no need to fret, simply roll up your sleeves and fix your vape.

Repair & Replacement

Desktop vaporizers are generally seen as the best vaporizers dude to their extremely consistent results and robust features. The only way to keep the best vaporizers running is to treat them like the best vaporizers. This can be achieved through cleaning and replacement of any worn-out parts. Storz & Bickel have made repair of our desktop vaporizer easy, by producing a wear and tear kit that will sufficiently cover all repairs for your dry herb vaporizer. Individual parts can also be found easily to keep your desktop vaporizer running at its peak.