SSV Elev8 Switchball Whip Kit

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The SSV Elev8 Switchball Whip Kit is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass and comes in a variety of artistic designs. This whip is compatible with any whip-style vaporizer that utilizes a 19mm ground glass connection. Each whip kit includes the glass wand, 3 feet of vinyl tubing and a glass mouthpiece.

Note: Not compatible with Silver Surfer Vaporizers

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Dimensions: 1.5 x 7.5 x 9 in.
Weight: 0.35 lbs.
Questions & Answers
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Q: Will this whip fit an Eazy VapV2?

Asked By Tony Hinds on April 15, 2017

A: Hey Tony, the SSV Elev8 Switchball Whip Kit features a standard ground glass connection with a diameter of 19mm, so it should be compatible with most male joints that are able to connect to a female 19mm ground glass joint. Thanks for your question, VaporNation

Q: Will this fit the Da Buddha vape?

Asked By Will on February 17, 2017

A: Hi Will, Using the SSV Elev8 Switchball Whip Kit with Da Buddha vaporizer would require a 19mm ground glass connection. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: How do you clean this whip?

Asked By Claudia Grose on May 28, 2015

A: The screen would be removed for replacement and the glass can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.