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Vape Cases

Vaporizer cases keep your vaporizer secure during travel, safe from ordinary wear and tear in between usage, and discreetly stored. Vape cases can boast multi-chambered designs, extra pockets, and locks. Certain manufacturers offer vape cases which are specific to model of vaporizer. While some cases take the form of travel bags with pockets and back straps, others feature hard shells.

Wax Containers

Vaporizer wax is a cost-effective and convenient method for enjoying dry herb extracts--but it does get messy. NoGoo offers a lineup of non-stick silicone wax containers in a variety of colors and designs. These jars conserve 100% of wax concentrates by enabling users to scrape every bit from the surface. This saves vaporists time spent on cleaning, and money spent on wax concentrates.

Air-Tight TightVac Storage

TightVac storage cases discreetly store wax concentrates and dry herb in an air-sealed environment. This allows vaporists to conceal the odor of vaping materials, as well as keep their waxes and herbs fresh.

TightVac Containers
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Vape Cases
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