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  • Tightvac Container
    The TightVac Container employs a patented open & close system which allows Aromatherapy Blends to stay ultra fresh for long periods of time. These are the perfect Storage containers! Odorless, Air Tight and Super Water Resistant. It sucks out the air as the cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal. It features a super cool modern design and keeps blends ultra fresh. Extremely strong and durable. Just push the button down and pull off...that easy!

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  • Kush Kaddie
    The Kush Kaddie features a hard plastic outer shell that protects your contents from getting smashed. Whether it is a glass pipe or a new down stem, the Kush Kaddie keeps it protected. Just load up the Kush Kaddie with your goods, toss it in your bag or purse and your all set. No need to worry if your glass will be broken when you need it the most. Transporting some smelly herbs? Then keep it from stinking up your other items with the Kush Kaddie. The Kush Kaddie is built with a vacuum sealed lid that keep smells in. Pack up the Kush Kaddie with your goods and simply toss it in your bag or purse and you don’t have to worry about the contents stinking up everything.

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Air-Tight Storage

Keep your vaporizer materials fresh with these air-tight containers from TightVac. One push of a button creates a vacuum seal by pushing out any excess fair surrounding the contents. This design extends the shelf life of your vapeables, by preventing them from drying out. The seal is water resistant and the container is constructed from polycarbonate for durability.

Odorless Operation

The TightVac containers keep your vaping contents incognito with patented odorless technology. Even the most odorous of aromatherapy elements are kept under wraps. These come in a variety of sizes to accommodate multiple volumes. The storage chambers come in clear colors for viewing the contents or more stealthy options. The modern design lends itself to portability.