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VapeXhale Hydratube - HydraBomb

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VapeXhale Hydratube

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Although vapor is much easier to inhale when compared to smoke, it can still dry or irritate the throat. The VapeXhale Hydratube provides an enhanced vaporization experience by moisture conditioning and diffusing your vapor. By smoothing out the consistency of your vapor, it makes it much less harsh and damaging on your throat or lungs. The VapeXhale Hydratube is 5mm thick and was designed to efficiently diffuse your vapor while adding very little drag. This HyrdaTube also features a built-in splash guard that prevents water from going down the center glass tube of your Cloud Vaporizer.


The Turbine is a newer addition to the line up and features a Steve Bates approved turbine that will spin the water as you use the HydraTube. The perc that diffuses the vapor is a Gridded Barrel that gives you the added benefit of more diffusion with very little loss of flavor. It is also quite visually stimulating! It stands roughly 7 inches tall.


The HydraBomb is one of the most anticipated additions to our HydraTube line up. It features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence that has an extremely smooth pull with great diffusion. The HydraBomb is for the user that wants an elegantly designed percolator with the least amount of restriction.


TheHydraHoneyComb is one of the newest additions to our Hydratube collection. Many people have asked, and we have listened! Featuring the gridded barrel in the VapeXhale Turbine, we also added a HoneyComb diffuser to further smooth out the vapor while protecting the user from getting water in their mouths. This elegant HydraTube will be an instant favorite for those that are looking for maximum diffusion.


For those that are looking for circ perc that does not diffuse as much as the standard SwaggerCircs, check out Swagger's latest offering, the SideCirc. The mouthpiece has been moved over to the side so that the user can see the vapor fill the chamber while in use. This new, ergonomic design is sure to be a hit with everyone that uses it.


The Swagger Tree utilizes a custom Swagger design that uses shorter tree arms, promoting faster diffusion and less overall drag. Each of the arms are reinforced, ensuring high durability to go along with the improved function. The tree percolator remains the most popular style around the world...and for good reason! There’s no need to sacrifice form or function with the Swagger Tree, you get it all in one attractive package!

Note: Only compatible with VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer. Hydrafoot base not included - must be purchased separately.

Dimensions: 14 x 6.5 x 12 in.
Weight: 0.30 lbs.
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Turbine does what it claims Review by  on October 31, 2015
Pros The smoothest vapor, Solid glass

Recommend to a friend? Yes

I got the Turbine on sale and couldn't be happier with it or with VaporNation's service, price match and discounts. I agree pretty much with Yezmar's review but for mine, the glass is excellent and I don't see any flaws or bubbles in the glass but that might be from the newer line of hydratubes. I'm not an expert on glass, but my friend says it feels a bit thicker than the claimed 5mm which is something nice : ) It has a really nice weight to it and it works just as described by VapeXhale which is maximizing flavor while maintaining a smooth pull without much resistance. It also looks cool with the water floating on the upper level :D

I'm happy with it, it feels very solid. Gotta have it for the full VapeXhale experience

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a must for the vapexhale, but pricey Review by  on August 19, 2015
Pros Great for cooling vapor

Cons Is a one trick pony, only useful with vapexhale
Recommend to a friend? Not Sure

Getting one of these hydra tubes is a must for the vapexhale since water cooling is what makes the vapexhale unique. Having to pay extra for it is a negative for me. It should come with the vaporizer, I love my setup and that's why I rated performance high, but as far as value...below average. The quality of the glass is average, it's not Hitman quality, I own both the hydra honeycomb and swagger shower head, both have minor flaws in the glass. Paying $250 for an attachment that you can only use for that vaporizer is a bit steep, should be $150 or less based on the quality I've seen and its limitations

If you buy this, get the vape squad membership to have the vaporizer covered, once that goes out the hydra tube becomes a vase.

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