Vapor Genie Vaporizer

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Product Features:

  • Used with a Regular Lighter – No Electronics
  • Fast Initialization (Warm Up Time)
  • Completely Portable – Easily Fits in your Pocket
  • Simple to Use!
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Vapor Genie Vaporizers

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The VaporGenie is a vaporizer that is dramatically safer and more pleasant to use than a conventional combustion. It is specifically designed for use with tobacco. The VaporGenie gently heats your tobacco so that it releases nicotine and flavor compounds, but does not burn. Tar and toxic smoke are greatly reduced. The VaporGenie provides super-smooth vapor. There is no coughing or burning throat. It feels like you are inhaling warm, flavored air.

The wood of the VaporGenie is finely sanded smooth and is sealed with natural a food grade varnish that reveals beautiful wood grain patterns. There are no glues, adhesives other toxic chemicals used in the VaporGenie. Almost all components of the VaporGenie are proudly made in the USA.

The ceramic filter in the VaporGenie is made of high-purity silicon carbide, one of the most inert and heat-resistant ceramics known. Silicon carbide is made of only silicon and carbon, in a diamond crystal structure. Silicon carbide does not contain metals and so will not contaminate your vapor or create metallic flavors. The ceramic filter does not burn, fracture, or deteriorate. It will never need replacement. All the metal parts in the VaporGenie are either stainless steel or chrome plated for inertness. The VaporGenie comes with a stainless steel screen and stainless steel bowl. From mouth tip to the center of the bowl (where the flame enters) is 4.5 inches.