It’s time for this month’s vaporizer contest! This April we’re upping the ante with 2 prizes, one for each lucky winner, doubling your chances at winning a brand new vaporizer just in time for Spring. This month’s vaporizer contest prizes are two Limited Edition G Pen Elite vaporizers, the G Pen Elite Badwood and G Pen Elite Frost x Burton. Both offer elite level vapor production harnessed in an ergonomic and compact portable vape.

The limited edition Badwood G Pen Elite is a badass iteration of Grenco Science’s greatest portable vaporizer for dry herb. Embellished with the tattoo-parlor stylings of LA-based artist Natalie Wood, the Badwood comes stocked with everything you need for a night out. Winning this vaporizer comes with added perks. In addition to your new G Pen Elite, you’ll receive a bottle opener G Card, herb tray, bandaids, stickers, temporary tattoos, and more, all concealed in a clutch bag decorated with the iconic Badwood ski mask girl. The G Pen Elite Badwood makes it feel good to be bad.

The next vaporizer contest prize is the G Pen Elite Frost x Burton vape. Like its sister vape, the G Pen Elite Badwood, This portable vaporizer is adorned with the work of a brilliant artist, in this case, the New York based Phil Frost. Frost impressed Grenco Science’s founder with his stylized street art, which gave way for this cross collaboration between Grenco, Burton Snowboards, and the artist. The G Pen Elite Frost x Burton features an edgy yet refined array of tiki mask gestalts with a primal bent, perfect for admiring as the Elite’s smooth, potent vapor takes hold.

G Pen Elite is a serious prize. It features precision temperature control, which you can’t say about just any portable vaporizer. You can pinpoint the ideal temperature for whichever strain you happen to be vaping, rather than rely on presets. G Pen Elite also boasts convection heating, which blasts dry herb with hot air rather than cooking it on hot surfaces, greatly decreasing combustion for purer tasting and smoother vapor. Remember that our vaporizer contest is a game of numbers. We offer over 20 ways to enter, and the more you take action on, the better your chances of winning a free G Pen Elite vaporizer. Good luck!