Announcing this month’s vaporizer contest from VaporNation!

With over 20 incredibly fast ways to enter, this is an easy way to win a new portable vaporizer. Entering our vaporizer contest is quick and hassle-free. The more ways you enter, the better your chances are of taking home this month's prize. This month's prize is the all-new AirVape Xs Special Edition. !

AirVape Xs Special Edition is the baller version of the original AirVape Xs, boasting a 24 karat/black matte exterior with advanced functionality and premium vapor production. AirVape Xs Special Edition also comes with a suite of gizmos for on-the-go vaping, including the Xs shell, a protect and stealthy carrying case that enables you to control the AirVape Xs while it’s encased, and a power bank for remote charging. And you’ll receive a gold VIP card giving you 3 free repairs, no questions asked, a lifetime discount from AirVape and more.

There are over 20 easy ways to win the AirVape Xs Special Edition. Our vape contest entries are as simple as following Vapor Nation and AirVape on social media, watching our video, and more. The winner will be announced at the end of July! Enter to win a new AirVape Xs Special Edition Vaporizer today!