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Made by Square, the T-Vape Vaporizer is a pen-style unit that features a "tube oven" heating chamber for efficient vaporization of your favorite herbs. The high-quality lithium ion battery lasts for much longer than most other pen vaporizers and features a light indicator that displays the battery level status. It's perfect for anyone looking for robust and efficient vapor production from a portable pen-style vaporizer. Each unit includes a lithium on battery, tube oven, two mouthpieces, ac adapter, cleaning stick, cleaning brush and a user manual. The T-Vape 2.0 Is Customizeable To Your Needs. It comes with a battery extender tube and two different versions of the patented tube oven, enabling users to build up to 4 different size vaporizers. Choose from the Mini, for the solo, quick vape session; up to the Tall, for a group session.See More »