The AirVape Xs is one of our finest vaporizer contest prizes yet. Beautifully designed and full-featured, the AirVape does what few portable vapes can. This sleek, credit-card thin vaporizer packs a surprisingly powerful hybrid heating system, vaporizing dry herbs evenly, thoroughly, and without harsh smokiness. Unlike most portable vaporizers, the AirVape Xs enables users to choose with precision the temperature at which their dry herb is vaporized. Unlock new flavor and aroma profiles. Pinpoint the best temperature for small, tasty hits, medium draws, and big, lung-busting clouds. Enjoy smooth, clean vapor discreetly and on-the-go.

AirVape Xs is stealthily sized. But it also features vibration notifications for added discretion. Toggle temperature and plop the unit in your pocket, away from prying eyes. A buzz will let you know when the AirVape is ready to roll. AirVape Xs reaches vaping temperature in under 20 seconds, enabling you to vape quickly when you get a free moment. Get ready for vapor quality you can taste. Each hit travels from an inert ceramic oven through an all-glass mouthpiece that sifts vapor to cool it off before it reaches your palate. Ready to experience the AirVape Xs for yourself? Enter to win this month’s VaporNation vaporizer contest prize!