From the makers of the eclectic Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer comes the Maud-dib Concentrate Box. This magical tool for exploring waxy oils on-the-go is this month's prize, and for good reason. Similar to the Launch Box, the Maud-dib vape, which is pronounced maw-deeb, features an artisanal wooden build with barebones heating and controls, boiling vaporization down to the essentials.

Operating the Maud-dib is intuitively simple. After you've loaded your waxy oils, a monocular lid with a metal barrier like a ship's porthole slides to protect the bowl and give you a trippy view of the vaporization at hand. The Maud-dib is powered by a Glyph battery. Pressing this NiMH rechargeable unit into a port on the side of the Maud-dib vape activates the conduction heating system. Harnessing infernal strength, the Maud-dib can reach nearly 900F in seconds. The unit is available in black noir or walnut.

For those who believe vaping is not just a habit, but an experience, the Maud-dib vaporizer is the path. Ideal for wax concentrate enthusiasts who hunger big, potent hits, wood sculpture, and freedom. Enter to win.