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Our January Vaporizer Contest prize looks sleek and sturdy, like the latest two-way radios seen fitted on the tactical vests of SEAL Team 6, and it’s just as functional underneath the hood. The Boundless CFV retains the unbeatable features of its predecessors, the CF and CFX, all the while improving upon these devices with a full-convection heating system that’s rare in portable vaporizers. Expect advanced features, ease-of-use, and a smart ergonomic design built for on-the-go vaping missions. Considering its impressive feature set, we didn’t hesitate to make the Boundless CFV the top prize in our latest vaporizer contest.

Like the best portable vaporizers, the Boundless CFV offers precision temperature control. You can toggle specific temps between 140F and 446F using an intuitive digital display. The Boundless CFV enables you to pinpoint the ideal temperatures for the most popular dry herb strains. A heat retention system, comprised of wood and quartz rings that slip into the heating chamber (as an atomizer might in a wax pen), manipulates heat to create unique heat profiles and new flavors and aromas. The wood ring decreases conduction to deliver pure vapor, while the quartz ring promotes conduction to produce intensely flavorful hits. This unusual technology may be the first of its kind in the vaporizer industry, and is said to reveal undiscovered tastes, scents, and effects that other portable dry herb vaporizers neglect to extract.

An ergonomic build makes holding and controlling the Boundless CFV vaporizer a seamless experience. A ridged section adds grip, while a compact and lightweight design makes it easy to pocket and conceal in your hand. Owners of the Boundless CFV can take hits while dashing to their connecting subway train, ascending or descending staircases, or carrying out cardiological exercises, all without fear of dropping the vaporizer. A swivel mouthpiece spins out to enable sippy-straw-style vaping, and swivels back to stay protected when not in use. The Boundless CFV features a powerful battery with micro USB charging so you can power up on-the-fly.

Furnished with weapons such as convection heating, which heats vaping material indirectly using hot air for combustion-free vapor production, precision temp control, and heat retention rings, the Boundless CFV is the perfect companion for field operations. This vaporizer can be yours in just a few clicks if you enter to win our monthly vaporizer contest. We’ve created over 20 ways to enter. The more you enter, the better your chances of owning a free Boundless CFV.

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