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Vaporizers have a rich history of helping people alleviate cough, cold and flu symptoms. The word "vaporizer" typically calls to mind the classic medicinal vaporizer, traditionally used by parents to humidify their children's bedrooms and living space. While the Vicks Vaporizer is the torchbearer for the science of liquid vaporization, in recent decades the definition has expanded from simply liquid vaporization to the herbal vaporization process known as aromatherapy, sometimes known as "phyto-inhalation."

It's no secret that aromatherapy vaporizers are getting a great deal of publicity these days. With new advances and revelations in health, nutrition and holistic healing, technology companies are scrambling to develop the healthiest, most effective means of administering medication in order to satisfy this new demand for cutting-edge delivery devices. But with so many of these products being produced how do you know which vaporizers are made with your lifestyle and well-being in mind?

This is where VaporNation can help. We make it our priority to be fully educated on every device that enters our inventory and we are committed to delivering accurate, reliable information every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our expertise with aromatherapy products and we are happy to share our wealth of vaporizer resources with you so that you become an expert yourself. Our informational resources make it easy to understand crucial details such as how vaporizers work, what materials are best for each vaporizer, and how to maintain and get the best results out of your vaporizers.

If you've never used a vaporizer before, but want to improve your aromatherapy practice using healthier means, please consult our Vaporizer Buying Guide and "What is a Vaporizer?" page. These are great places to start if you wish to understand the process and terminology of vaporization.

Further information on the science and engineering of vaporizers is available in our Vaporizer FAQ, Vaporizer Glossary, and Vaporizer Health Benefits pages.

For detailed information on specific vaporizers, check out our library of Vaporizer Instructions and Vaporizer Types. If you have questions about a particular vaporizer, chances are you're not the only one. Our Vaporizer Q & A, Vaporizer Reviews, Vaporizer Videos, and Customer Testimonials are here to help you get a full picture of your vape before you buy.


VaporNation is a multi-faceted company that is equipped to accommodate the needs of the end user, wholesale buyers, and other webmasters in the aromatherapy community.

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If you are a shop owner interested in making bulk purchases of vaporizers for your business, we carry all the leading vape manufacturers and are happy to pass the savings on to you.

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If you are a webmaster or who wishes to partner with VaporNation, our Affiliate Program offers a competitive commission structure and many additional benefits to help your business grow in consort with ours.

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VaporNation is hiring! We are looking for new Sales Representatives and Account Executives to help manage the increasing demand for vaporizers nationwide. If you are looking to take your career to the next level at a growing company with a great team atmosphere, VaporNation would like to hear from you.

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People around the world routinely ask us questions about the science of vaporizers and potential health benefits they can provide. If you want to receive regular updates from our team of vapor experts, VaporNation regularly publishes fun and informative blog posts designed to keep you abreast of new product launches, new accessories, and developments within the vaporizer community.

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