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Whips & Glassware

No matter where or when you purchased your vaporizer, you probably bought it with the intention of making it a lifelong companion. With that in mind, replacement parts are an inevitable part of that relationship. Whether your vaporizer wand broke by accident, your whip is caked in residue, or you just want to improve the efficiency or appearance of your vape, VaporNation is fully stocked with the parts and accessories you'll need to get your vaporizer functioning at peak capacity. We have a wide selection of replacement vaporizer whips, heater covers, aromatherapy bowls, and other assorted glassware to fit your needs.
  • Hands Free (GG) Whip KIts
  • Standard Whip Kits
  • Hands Free (GG) Wands
  • Standard Wands
  • Aromatherapy Bowls
  • Heater Covers
  • Water Filtration Adapters
  • Other Glass