Concentrate Atomizers

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Vape Pen Replacements & Upgrades

Vape pens and wax pens all feature similar construction, consisting of a battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. This construct is adopted throughout the vape pen industry, allowing for a wider compatibility between brands and wax pen models. The atomizer is the element which heats your vaping material for vaporization. Atomizers can be made from a variety of materials and optimized for dry herb, wax and oil concentrates, even e-juice. These atomizers are wax pen optimized and thus not recommended for dry herb.

Concentrate Pen Atomizers Explained

Simply put, vaporization is the process of heating materials to release their essential ingredients without combusting the materials. This is achieved through the use of atomizers, or heating elements. Older vape pen models featured wicks, which absorbed wax or oily concentrates for vaporization. The process of current wax pen units is far more advanced, featuring more inert materials and faster heat up times. A modern wax pen will generally feature an atomizer featuring single, dual or even triple coil design, however coilless atomizers are becoming more popular. Atomizers featuring rods will all function similarly, a titanium coil will wrap around the rod, heating it quickly. These types of atomizers featured ceramic when first introduced to vape pens. Now quartz is used to produce larger clouds and dab-like hits. Coilless atomizers do not feature exposed coils, allowing the concentrates to vaporize more slowly, for a more relaxed vaping experience.