2-Piece Metal Grinders

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  • Crafted from solid and lightweight aluminum, the rugged and reliable Aerospaced 2 Piece Metal Grinder thoroughly crushes material for thorough, even vaporization.
    • 50mm
    • Pocket-Friendly
    • Anodized Aluminum

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  • Constructed from premium quality aluminum, this 2-piece Grindhouse Grinder features a magnetic closure and precision diamond shaped cutting teeth.
    • Small & Portable
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Premium Quality Aluminum

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  • The 48mm 2-piece Herbivore Grinder is one of the most discreet herb grinders out there. Easy to hide in your palm and carry with you, the 48mm Herbivore Grinder is ideal for grinding on-the-go. The Herbivore Grinder is a must-have vape accessory, ensuring efficient vaporization by increasing the surface area of your herbs so heat can vaporize the bowl more thoroughly. The 48mm Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder is made from high-quality aluminum and utilizes sharp blades that are capable of grinding your herbs to the perfect consistency. Each 48 mm Herbivore grinder includes a felt pouch for storage for discreet use.
    • Size: 48mm
    • High-Grade Aluminum
    • Simple Operation

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  • The 55mm Herbivore Grinder is a 2-piece metal herb grinder that ensures better vaporization. The second most discreet herb grinder from Herbivore is easy to conceal and put to use in public. The 55mm Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder is made of high-grade aluminum with sharp, durable teeth that break down dry herb to the ideal consistency for vaporization. By grinding down dry herb, the Herbivore grinder gives heat more surface area to cover, making for even and thorough vaporization. A felt pouch is included for traveling and storage.
    • Size: 55mm
    • Durable Aluminum
    • Knurled Grip

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  • The 63mm 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder is the largest of the Herbivore line of dry herb grinders. The larger chamber of the Herbivore Grinder enables you to grind more dry herb faster. A knurled lid makes it easy to grip and twist the 2-piece Herbivore Grinder. The 63mm Herbivore Grinder features a tough aluminum build that's fortified against wear-and-tear. Sturdy teeth grind down your nuggets to a finer consistency that's ideal for vaporization. The Herbivore Grinder breaks down chunks of dry herb to give heat more surface to vaporize. You save herb, cut down on smokiness, and enjoy poignant vapor production.
    • Size: 63mm
    • Large Chamber
    • Easy-to-Operate

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  • The new, sleek black Magic Flight Nano Grinder is a fresh take on the classic. They have upgraded the functionality of the design and have etched each one with the unmistakable Magic-Flight glyph. These compact grinders are custom designed to fit exactly into the bowl of the Launch Box, allowing for the perfect fine grind of herbal materials with no possibility of spilling or loss. The black Nano Grinder is the perfect companion for the Launch Box Vaporizer.

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Find a Metal Herb Grinder

An herb grinder simplifies blending herbs for a faster, more convenient vaping experience. By breaking down herb, herb grinders make loading the vaporizer heating chamber easier. Blending herbs with an herb grinder also ensures the most is extracted from the material, which is easier to vaporize when broken down into granules. The 2-piece herb grinder you choose will play an essential role in your vaping experience. By grinding down larger nuggets of herb, you create more surface are for a vaporize to heat, making for more efficient vaporization.

The Best Herb Grinders

For users who appreciate minimal aesthetics as much as bare-bones functionality in their herb grinder, the Magic Flight Nano Grinder is sleekly designed with Magic Flight's iconic glyph logo and built for ease-of-use with a grated lid for added grip. The Nano Grinder can be used with any vaporizer, but as a special perk for Magic Flight users, this 2-piece herb grinder is designed to fit the bowl of the Magic Flight Launch Box perfectly. This herb grinder prevents spilling and waste, ensuring a seamless loading experience.

One of the most popular types of herb grinders is the Herbivore grinder. Affordable and functional, the Herbivore herb grinder is constructed from high-grade aluminum and features rock-solid teeth that grind your favorite dry herbs down to the ideal consistency. Each Herbivore grinder comes with a felt pouch for discretion. But for a truly discreet experience with an herb grinder, the Grinder Watch is the stealthiest dry herb grinder on the market. Doubling as a wrist watch, the Grinder Watch can be worn in plain view so you can always have it on you throughout your day. Stay on time and on the grind.

Why Choose 2-Piece Metal Grinders for Herb?

Two-piece metal herb grinders are simple in design and therefore simple to use. Users load herb into the jar of the herb grinder, which features metal teeth inside the container and lid. The lid of the herb grinder is then screwed on and twisted for a few moments until all the herb is blended. This type of herb grinder is ideal for those who like an unfussy vaping experience.