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Wood Grinder for Dry Herb Vaping


The two-piece wood grinder for herb boasts a simple, sturdy design with a natural feel. Made of the finest rosewood, the wooden grinder is manufactured to meet the highest standards for dry herb grinders, but is available at an affordable price. Unlike other wooden grinders, this unit offers a high quality build, bare-bone design, and stylish high lacquer finish. Fitted with solid metal pegs, the 2 piece wood grinder breaks dry herb into smaller nuggets and fine kief. The 2 piece wood grinder is ideal for dry herb connoisseurs with an appreciation for fine wood design.

While 3- and 4-piece grinders are better suited for catching kief, the 2-piece wood grinder is much easier to use and clean. Those who prefer simple ease-of-use will enjoy the wooden herb grinder's unfussy design. The carved wood build adds character. And the tough metal teeth make for efficient grinding of your favorite dry herb strains.

Size: 51mm (2")

Wood Grinder Additional Information

Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 in.
Weight: 0.10 lbs.

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    All Show, No Go

    I got this as a free gift with my "Over $100 Purchase." It was totally useless for vaporizer use. I think this would be fine to grind up product for water pipes and the like, but most vaporizers need to have the product ground up much finer than what this grinder can offer. You can sit there as long as you like trying to grind it up but honestly, save yourself the heartache and invest in a good grinder up front. I can not stress this enough, it truly makes for a totally different vaping experience when you have the product ground down as much as possible. This is good for tearing up big chunks but definitely not for any vaporizer I know. I love VaporNation but I see why it was free. Vape On.

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    Thing barely grinds, everything gets stuck inside in chunks, and it gets hard to turn due to the friction of wood on wood. I got it as a gift for my purchase being over $100. But still don't get this thing. Waste of good wood and metal.

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Q: Does this grinder have a kief?

Asked By Jadon Alvarez on December 02, 2015

A: This grinder does not have a kief catcher. 2-Piece grinders typically do not.

Q: How do you clean a Wooden Grinder?

Asked By Kenneth Page on February 21, 2015

A: It is best to simply brush it out after every use.

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