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  • This is a replacement mouthpiece for the AirVape Xs vaporizer. It includes everything you need to simply swap out your used mouthpiece for a fresh experience.
    • High Quality Glass
    • Food Grade Rubber
    • Cool Screen System

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  • Take your vaporizing experience to the next level with the AirVape Xs Shell. This light weight water resistant case is designed to protect your AirVape Xs vaporizer from the elements. The discreet nature of this accessory makes taking your Xs with you virtually anywhere!
    • Only Compatible With AirVape Xs
    • Discreet
    • Light Weight

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  • This is a 5-Pack of AirVape Xs replacement screens, consisting of two chamber screens and three sturdier screens for the AirVape Xs mouthpiece. The AirVape mouthpiece screen is part of a cooling system that sifts vapor to lower its temperature before the hit reaches your mouth. AirVape Xs screens are built with high grade metal, and designed for thorough filtration of dry herb vapor. Removing and inserting AirVape screens is easy. Simply remove the mouthpiece and remove either the mouthpiece or chamber screen, then insert the replacement AirVape Xs screen.
    • 3 Mouthpiece Screens
    • 2 Chamber Screens
    • High Quality Metal

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  • The replacement AirVape OM Atomizer is available in two styles: Dual quartz rod or ceramic coilless. The 100% medical-grade quartz rod coils are wrapped in titanium, producing smooth and milky vapor. The quartz crystal heats wax concentrates slow and low, extracting the best flavor and aroma without smokiness. The coilless atomizer features a food-grade ceramic plate, efficiently vaporizing waxes by providing more surface area. While the AirVape Om Replacement atomizer connects via 510-threading, the chamber lid is attached via magnets for easy access. Just pop the lid off, clean, load or replace the atomizer, then snap the lid back on with no hassle.
    • NOTE - Not Compatible with OM Mini
    • Dual Quartz Rod
    • Titanium Coils

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  • With the AirVape Xs Concentrate Cup you are able to vaporize concentrates and take your experience to the next level.
    • Durable metal screen
    • Leak-proof design
    • Tough build

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  • The AirVape Xs Bubbler is a high grade borosilicate water filtration attachment meant for use with the AirVape Xs vaporizer. This bubbler attachment fits onto the AirVape Xs mouthpiece. Using the included three-layered ground glass connection with 18mm, 14mm and 12mm compatibility, you can attach the Xs vaporizer to the AirVape bubbler or any bong you might own. This sleek, solid glass bubbler percolates smoke with an advanced water filtration system to cool and smooth out each hit before it is inhaled. Easy to fill, clean, and use.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Ground Glass Connection WPA (18mm, 14mm, 12mm)
    • Adapter Also Works with Bongs

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  • Take your charging game to the next level with the AirVape Xs Magnetic Charger. This attachment allows you to leave the micro USB tip right in your device for quick and convenient charging.

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  • Proudly display your sleek vaporizer while the battery charges with this AirVape Xs Charging Dock. Simply plug in the micro USB cord into the back and you're all set!
    • Micro-USB Compatibility
    • Sturdy Build
    • Displays the AirVape Xs

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  • This ultra slim card-sized AirVape Xs Power Bank is the perfect partner for your Xs vaporizer. Take the AirVape Xs on the go with little concern that the battery will die. Expect to nearly double your battery life when using this 2500 mAh power bank.

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AirVape Parts

Apollo Airvape, makers of the AirVape Xs, AirVape OM, and AirVape Xs Special Edition, are known for their sleek, functional, and uber-portable vaporizers. But they also excel in thinking up great vaporizer parts and accessories that make for a more convenient and satisfying experience. Whether you need a power bank to remotely charge your Apollo AirVape unit, or a odor-free, leak-proof shell for safely and discreetly traveling with your vape, this LA-Based manufacturer has you covered. You can also find replacement AirVape screens, atomizers, and mouthpieces, all manufactured with the highest standards and materials.

Apollo AirVape Accessories

Apollo AirVape has focused their efforts on developing accessories that truly empower your vaping sessions, which has set them apart from other vape manufacturers. Their AirVape Xs Shell is testament to what distinguishes Apollo. Made of highly durable plastic that keeps water and dirt out and keeps odors in, the Xs Shell enables users to carry their vaporizer anywhere without worrying about damaging it or drawing attention to themselves with wafting odor. Conveniently, you can operate the AirVape Xs while it is in its shell, enabling discreet preparation of vaping sessions The AirVape Xs Power Bank is equally helpful, providing remote power from anywhere to keep you vaping through your adventures, even when they lead you far away from AC outlets. These Apollo AirVape accessories make for a more convenient, complete vaping experience.