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  • AirVape X is a thin, elegant and mighty portable dry herb vaporizer for on-the-go vaping. This bigger brother to the AirVape Xs has a 25% larger ceramic chamber housed in an even sleeker, pocket-friendly design.
    • Precision Temp Control (200F-420F)
    • 25% Larger Ceramic Chamber
    • Magnetic Mouthpiece

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  • AirVape Xs GO is an ultra portable dry herb vaporizer with powerful vapor production and a simple yet sophisticated design. Pocket-friendly with a super lightweight 2 oz build, the Xs GO vaporizer features a changeable 800mAh battery for continuous on-the-go use. An oval-shaped ceramic oven evenly vaporizes dry herb with hybrid convection/conduction heating, displaying the full range of flavor notes and effects
    • Ceramic Oven
    • Five Temp Settings (355F, 375F, 390F, 405F, and 420F)
    • Single Button Control

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Apollo AirVape is a Los Angeles-based vaporizer manufacturer specializing in lightweight, compact, and powerful portable vapes like the AirVape Xs, AirVape Xs Special Edition, and AirVape OM. Known for their stealthy yet functional vapes, Apollo AirVape have struck a fine balance between compactness and vapor quality. While most smaller-sized vapes sacrifice vapor production for portability, AirVape Xs and AirVape OM both boast advanced heating systems that transcend their compact designs. Apollo AirVape vaporizers feature lightweight yet solid builds, impressive features, and high grade heating elements that deliver smooth, clean, and flavor-intensive hits. And with sleek designs, they make vaping look good.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Apollo AirVape makes vapes for those who like to enjoy the good things in life--in style. Their vaporizers are also notable for accommodating the commuter lifestyle with discreet designs, easy-to-apply controls, and quick, satisfying vapor production. Whether you want an easy way to enjoy insanely great vapor from home, or want to take hits in public without drawing attention to yourself, units like AirVape Xs and AirVape OM deliver a vaping experience that's just as discreet as it is potent.


AirVape Xs is Apollo AirVape's flagship vaporizer. With an extra thin design and lightweight yet sturdy aluminum body, AirVape Xs is one of the most pocket-friendly and stealthy portable vaporizers in the world. But it doesn't stop there. While other vapes of this size feature preset temperatures, limiting the degree to which users can customize their vape sessions, Apollo AirVape gave their benchmark device precision temperature control. This enables you to pinpoint with razor sharp precision the temperature that is best for your preferred dry herb strain or vapor profile.

Thanks to its nifty features, AirVape Xs has drawn comparisons to the iPhone. When vaporization temperature has been reached, the unit vibrates to let you know. This enables you to keep the device hidden in your pocket while it heats up. The elegant design, featuring soft and solid aluminum, is very thin and ergonomic. The display, bright and clear, keeps you informed about your vaporization with battery life, temperature, and session length. Apollo AirVape created a vaporizer that makes smoking safer, easier, and even more fun.

Fitted with a powerful 1300mAh battery, AirVape Xs charges in only an hour, faster than the average vape. An auto-shut-off feature preserves battery power and dry herb, and pass-through charging enables users to vape while the unit is charging. Apollo AirVape made a remote charging bank for the AirVape Xs so that users can charge from absolutely anywhere, offering a completely on-the-go experience.

AirVape Xs is easy-to-use, stealthy, and satisfying, cementing Apollo AirVape's place as a manufacturer on the cutting edge of vaporizer design.


After the launch of AirVape Xs, Apollo AirVape focused their efforts on making the strongest small vaporizer known to humanity. The finished product was AirVape OM, a vape so compact it fits on a keychain, and yet so excellent at vaporizing that its hits draw comparison with larger vapes. This unit transcends the supposed limitations of uber-compact vapes with a dual quartz coil atomizer that vapes waxy oils with efficiency to create smooth, milky, and potent vapor. Conveniently, AirVape OM also vaporizes 510-threaded oil cartridges. That dual functionality, coupled with a heating system that does the essential well, makes this Apollo AirVape's latest masterpiece.

AirVape OM is the embodiment of Da Vinci's mantra, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." A simple single-button control, disguised as the connection point for the keychain, allows you to toggle through temperature with a few clicks. In just 5 seconds, the OM is ready to vape, producing quick hits on-the-fly whenever you need one.

Apollo AirVape honed the design down to the essential, with a compact bullet-shaped body with a classic looking faux-wooden handle and steel nose. A timeless, ornamental quality helps this crafty vape discreetly blend in with your keys--and life--providing a hassle-free, relaxed vaping experience that's with you every step of the way.


Apollo AirVape set to work on developing a complete kit for the dry herb aficionado. That dream became the AirVape Xs - Special Edition, the baller version of the original AirVape Xs. This time the Xs features a flashy yet sophisticated gold lining and all-in-one kit of essential tools and accessories for vaping on-the-go. The Special Edition AirVape offers everything its predecessor does, but with the convenience of remote charging, water-proof protection, VIP services and additional accessories. You get everything a dry herb lover will ever need and more--all with a 24-karat attitude that impresses.

AirVape Xs Special Edition comes with a kit of extraordinary accessories from Apollo AirVape that empower your vaping session. The odor and water-proof Xs Shell protects the AirVape Xs with a sturdy, lightweight plastic sheath that still allows users to control the unit while it's encased. This special case protects your investment while en route to the next adventure. For vaping about town, the remote charging bank lets you power up from absolutely anywhere, breaking the chains of wall charging for good. Apollo AirVape also threw in a golden VIP card that gives you access to discounts from a number of services, and three repairs that run free of charge.

In addition to a lavish kit, AirVape Xs comes with some serious vapor production. An inert ceramic heating chamber vaporizes herb with hybrid conduction/convection heating. Herb is vaporized by hot air as well as the hot walls of the chamber, creating clean, easy-to-inhale vapor of exceptional flavor, aroma, and effects. Apollo AirVape made sure that the Special Edition Xs vaporizer is masterful inside and out, offering an advanced heating system that dazzles the senses just as much as the unit's flashy exterior. AirVape Xs Special Edition is the ultimate vaping kit for dry herb enthusiasts who want everything they need to vape excellent vapor from anywhere with no hassle.