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Fix Your Portable Vaporizer with Arizer Parts

The portable vaporizer form factor of the Arizer Air, lends itself to vaping dry herb wherever you'd like, however this puts additional wear and tear on the vaporizer as well as increasing the chance to lose a vaporizer part. If your portable vaporizer needs a fix or part, finding exactly what you need is easy. The Arizer Air also offers options to upgrade and protect your portable vaporizer. There is a bubbler attachment for the portable vaporizer to add water filtration and cool the vapor. An Arizer Air case is also available to protect the vaporizer.

Arizer Air Parts & Care

The Arizer Air is a relatively low maintenance dry herb portable vaporizer. Simple care and handling will optimize the lifespan of this vaporizer and keep you vaping till ya can't vape no mo'. It is recommended you wipe down the heating element of your portable vaporizer every ten or so uses to prevent any residue buildup. It is also advised to fix or replace any broken or worn down parts. These simple vaporizer maintenance steps will assure your Arizer Air can vape through the day. Look below for vaporizer parts including the Airizer Air mouthpiece, a protective skin and case, vaporizer batteries and chargers.