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The Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer featuring a unique glass stem which attaches to the heating element of the dry herb vaporizer. This unique stem allows for clean, tasty vapor production of dry herb in a portable vaporizer form factor. While glass is inert, which means it won't rub any funky flavors on your vapor it is also susceptible to damage. If the glass stem of your Arizer Solo portable vaporizer is lost or broken you can find one here. Your solo depends on you for survival, so treat your portable vaporizer right. Vaporizer parts & accessories are categorized making finding the right part easy, and replacing it even easier.

Never Roll Solo

You never have to be alone with your Arizer Solo portable vaporizer. This dry herb portable vaporizer features a portable form factor making it a perfect companion for travel. When out in the elements of the world its up to your to take care of your portable vaporizer and it will take care of you. Cleaning your vaporizer is essential to keep vaping dry herb effectively. It is generally recommended to clean the heating element after every ten usages to prevent buildup. In addition, you can find any parts that you need to replace, and be assured they will be compatible with your portable vaporizer.