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Like Vaping? Hate broken things? You are in the right spot. The Arizer V-Tower desktop vaporizer is a modern evolution of the classic whip style desktop vaporizer. The V-tower offers modern amenities such as LCD display, remote control functionality and a whip-style vapor draw. What happens if you lose the remote? No problem, get a new one. An appeal of the V-Tower, aside from its potent dry herb vaporization, is the ability to easily replace parts if you need a fix.

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The Old saying "a stitch in time saves nine," refers to the effects of delayed maintenance and repair. This is as true for vaporizers as it is luxury cars, or stitches. If you want your vaporizer to function like its supposed to, you need to take the proper care of it. The Arizer V-Tower desktop vaporizer is very self-sufficient and its self-contained nature makes dry herb vaporizer repairs a cinch. It is recommended to clean the heating element as needed and occasionally replace glass parts which have begun to wear down. The whip of this desktop vaporizer will be likely to receive the most abuse, whips are hard to clean, but easy to replace. Find any compatible Arizer V-Tower desktop vaporizer parts below.