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AroMed Vaporizer Parts

The AroMed Vaporizer is a convection unit with precise temperature control. Replacing essential components and parts when they've become worn out keeps vapor production optimal, while buying a replacement part for a broken element is an affordable way to repair the AroMed vape. If this vaporizer is maintained properly, it extracts 90% of any herb or tincture it vaporizers.

There are a variety of AroMed vaporizer parts available. The glass Aroma Top attaches to the AromMed to fill rooms with vapor by aromatherapy. Hand-crafted from borosilicate glass, the AroMed bowl replacement comes in handy if the bowl is broken or burnt out after long-term use. AroMed replacement screens are an essential component to the vaping experience. By keeping the AroMed maintained, users will enjoy the highest level of vapor production.