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  • The Jump is the latest vaporizer innovation from one of the biggest names in the industry; Atmos. A cross between a vape pen and a true portable vaporizer, the Jump embodies the best characteristics of both. Sleek and slim, and equipped with an anodized heating chamber with no exposed coils, the Jump features a single optimized temperature setting - streamlining the vaporization process. Boasting an anodized heating chamber, along with a micro-USB charging port and an easy access mouthpiece, the Jump is an amazing, affordable unit for beginners looking to ease their way into the wonderful world of vaporization.
    • Durable & Compact
    • Carbon Fiber Housing
    • Easy Access Mouthpiece

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  • The Atmos Nano NBW Waxy Vaporizer is a super compact and stealthy wax pen for on-the-go use. A high grade quartz rod atomizer delivers ample cloudage of pure flavor. A single button interface offers simple usability, while the pocket-friendly design ensures a discreet, portable vaporization experience.
    • Quartz Heating Rod
    • Single Button Control
    • Extra Compact

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  • The Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer takes the original model to the next level by featuring more control over your experience with the ability to rapidly replace atomizers. The dual post connection system is unique to the RA and is the defining feature that sets it apart from other concentrate vaporizers. A circular ceramic heating disc at the bottom of the chamber provides maximum surface area for very efficient vaporization.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Rebuildable Atomizer
    • 950mAh Lithium-ion Battery

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Atmos is a global leader in innovative vaporizer technology and design, producing the smallest and most portable units on the market. Atmos uses proprietary in-house engineering with exceptional attention to detail to design high-quality products. By holding themselves and their products to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control, Atmos has become one of the most widely recognized distributors and manufacturers of vaporizers on the national and international level, known for their outstanding and innovative product designs.


Atmos has stood at the forefront of portable vape pens since the beginning. Securing the first patent for a portable pen vaporizer allowed them to emerge as an industry pioneer and innovator. While the vaporizer industry continues to grow and change, so does Atmos. They’ve been able to stay on top in such a dynamic marketplace due to their commitment to cutting-edge vaporization technology and quality product designs. By securing a staggering number of patents and trademarks, Atmos has been able to protect the quality and innovative nature of their products over the years.


Maintaining strong relationships with global manufacturing facilities ensures Atmos can offer their line of exceptional products at the lowest possible prices. Priding themselves on honest and genuine business practices, Atmos aims to build lasting relationships their partners and customers. All Atmos products come backed by a five-year limited warranty, allowing customers to rest easy, knowing that every purchase made with Atmos is a smart choice. Placing a heavy emphasis on customer feedback, each review, and testimonial received by the manufacturer is listened to, in an effort to make necessary improvements to their products.


Atmos prices vapes to meet the needs of a wider variety of consumers. This is not representative of a poor-quality product. Streamlining their process, Atmos has reduced inefficiencies and prices while maintaining quality control.

A great reason to get into vaporizing is to save money. It’s no secret that a vaporizer can save the user hundreds of dollars a year in dry herb costs. Heavy users realize even greater savings. The price of a new vape is often the greatest barrier to entry. Though this cost can pay for itself over time. Purchasing a vaporizer, like those made by Atmos, will help you realize savings right out of the gate. By minimizing your upfront costs, you can recoup your expenses even sooner.


Atmos vaporizers offer something for every vape need. Those seeking devices to extract sizable clouds from their dry herb need look no further. Atmos has offerings that range from discrete to packing heat, for heavy-duty relief. 

An entry-level vape pen designed for dry herb, the Atmos Jump offers massive upside at a low price point. A small and discrete size makes the Jump perfect to toss in your pocket and take with you all day. The carbon fiber finish and hardened mouthpiece offer durability with solid looks. The anodized chamber offers combination convection and conduction heating. This brings the herb to vaping temperature in a matter of seconds. Then vapes the essentials effects from your herbal blends with great efficiency.

Atmos Jump Features & Benefits

  • One of the smallest vape pens for dry herb.
  • Super discrete design allows portability.
  • Higher-quality materials than other vape pens for greater longevity.

The Atmos Jump is the best option for beginners as well those looking for an ultra-portable. The price and performance exceed the already attractive price point.

The Atmos RX has long been the intermediate-priced vape pen to beat for dry herb. The RX milks more performance than any other vape pen for dry herb. The skillet-type heating element warms the ceramic heating chamber without combusting your herb. This allows the Atmos RX to reach the desired temperature in about five seconds. The modular nature allows easy cleaning and maintenance, which will extend its longevity.

Atmos RX Features & Benefits

  • One of the Fastest heat up times for dry herb.
  • 510 Threading allows for ease of maintenance and replacement.
  • Ceramic heating chamber and mouthpiece deliver pure flavor from your blends.

The Atmos RX sacrifices nothing, offering the best portability to performance ratio. If discretion with premiere performance is your prime concern, Atmos has your prescription.


Atmos has transformed with the recent proliferation of concentrate usage. Offering pens and portables engineered for wax usage that deliver hard-hitting clouds. These vape pens deliver denser clouds than their dry herb counterparts, due to the high heats.

The Atmos Magna is a welcomed departure from other wax pens. The unit sports a Glass mouthpiece paired with a dual coil quartz rod atomizer. With a purer vapor path, the Magna cools the vapor, for larger rips without irritation or burning. The dual coil quartz sears your waxy oils for big, tasty clouds. All packed in a vaporizer with dimensions identical to that of a standard vape pen.

Atmos Magna Features & Benefits

  • Glass mouthpiece is one-of-a-kind in a vape pen this portable.
  • Dual quartz atomizer offers great performance without compromising flavor.
  • Delivers smoother hits for soothing relief.

The Atmos Magna takes the wax pen to unchartered territory. The performance and flavor make the unit a great first vape or upgrade.

The Atmos Kiln ditches exposed coils in favor of a ceramic coilless system. The technology works at lower temperatures, delivering better flavor and conserving concentrate material. The design eliminates the risk of burning your concentrates. It also prevents leakage ruining your atomizers and battery.

Atmos Kiln Features & Benefits

  • Ceramic Chamber and mouthpiece deliver the purest flavor.
  • Low-temperature dabs extend the longevity of your concentrates and the atomizer itself.

The Atmos Kiln is the wax pen for those looking to get more flavor from their waxy oils. A pure ceramic pathway delivers concentrate vapor free from contaminants for a smoother hit.

Delivering rig rips without the torch, the Q3 offers desktop performance in a portable. Featuring triple quartz coils, the Q3 maximizes surface area to deliver larger hits. A glass mouthpiece allows the Q3 to offer smoother hits than many other triple and even dual coil systems, which can be harsh. The Powerful 1100mAh battery keeps the coils churning. This affords longer usage between charges.

Atmos Q3 Features & Benefits

  • Triple Quartz atomizer and powerful battery deliver rig-like rips.
  • Glass mouthpiece offers cooler hits with pure flavor.
  • Rubberized exterior offers great handling, no more slippery glass rigs.

The Atmos Q3 delivers hard hits for seasoned smokers looking for a vaporizer. With a triple coil quartz atomizer and a glass mouthpiece, the Q3 delivers performance that rivals its torch-driven counterparts.