AtmosRx Vaporizer

by Atmos
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Heat-up Time
  • Completely Portable - No Cords or Wires
  • Utilizes Advanced Lithium Ion Battery
  • Discreet & Lightweight
  • Wind Proof
  • Ready to use in Seconds
  • Advanced Vaporizing Technology
  • Stylish and Sleek Design
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Originally called the Atmos RAW, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is a high-performance herbal vaporizer that is designed for dry blends. This unit heats material using a skillet-like heating coil and ceramic filter that dispenses clean aromatic vapor in less than 5 seconds. It operates well below the temperature required to burn herb through a process called vaporization. There's no combustion, hence no smoke. Instead, the AtmosRx gently heats just enough to release the essence of your favorite herbs. The process of AtmosRx vaporization or volatilization releases the essential, active elements of a substance without any burning. The AtmosRx uses a cutting-edge convection technology that releases just enough heat and air to discharge the vital elements; but not enough heat and air for the materials to combust.


The AtmosRx is a direct draw portable vaporizer that resembles a fountain pen. Hence it is known as a “pen vape” due to its stylish and sleek design. The AtmosRx advanced microchip technology ensures an exact temperature to eliminate overheating or burning the plant substance. This eradicates many of the harmful byproducts of combustion. Vaporization produces NO smoke, little to no tar, or any other toxic elements. Unlike combustion, vaporization does not induce substantial denaturing of the substance. When a substance is "denatured", its chemical make-up changes. For example, when catalyzed by a flame. New compounds are then created that were not originally within the plant itself. One of the greatest assets of AtmosRx vaporization technology is that the vaporization does not substantially alter the compounds being vaporized and does not create any elements that were not originally present in the source material.


The AtmosRx heats the material between 380- 400 degrees, which is well below the point of combustion, so users only get the essential ingredients from their material and no harmful byproducts.  To begin vaporizing, simply load material into the heating chamber, screw on the mouthpiece, press down the activator button and inhale gently for about 5-8 seconds while holding the button. The AtmosRx Personal Vaporizer is ideal for anyone that wants to ski down a mountain, play volleyball on the beach or spend a lazy day at home on the couch. No need to fumble around for papers, lighters, butane or waiting around for your device to heat up. This Starter Kit comes complete with minimal assembly required and is ready to use within seconds - straight out of the box. Vaping in style is as easy as 1-2-3...just fill, press the power button and inhale!


Cleaning the AtmosRx is incredibly simple. We recommend regular maintenance to keep your vaporizer working in properly and efficiently. The mouthpiece can be cleaned using a moist toilette or damp paper towel. Make sure to remove the battery from the heat chamber before cleaning it. Use the included brush to remove material from the chamber walls while making sure to avoid contact with the heating coil. The battery carries a 2 hour life on a full charge and should be charged completely in order to maximize the life of the battery.

AtmosRx How it Works

  • 1 x Atmos Rx Battery
  • 1 x Glass Screen
  • 1 x All Ceramic Heating Chamber (Black Rx)
  • 1 x Coil Heating Chamber
  • 1 x Chamber Connector
  • 1 x Ceramic Filter
  • 1 x Mesh Filter + Spring
  • 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

AtmosRx Vaporizer Additional Information

Warranty Info: 5 Year Warranty (Battery)
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 6 in.
Weight: 0.50 lbs.
Vaporizer Type: Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs
Delivery Method: Direct Draw
Heat Source: Battery
Voltage: 110v
Thread Size: 710
Screen Size: AtmosRX Glass Screens

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful

    Waste of Money and Time.

    I've had two of these and they were both a waste of time and money. Bad instructions. Without a screen the material burns. Eventually you learn to use a screen (not included with the ones I bought) in order for the material to vape properly. "Vape Properly" with these units is a lie of the same magnitude as "Money can't buy happiness." With the screens in place the thing never gets hot enough to vape anything. Take a hit through one of these and you'll get no vapor -- just some room temperature air that sort of tastes like your herbs. All in all, these things are far too fiddly, require too many "tips" that aren't in the Chinglish instruction manual and way too expensive at half the price. Don't waste your money like I did.

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  • 6 of 7 people found the following review helpful

    Arizer Solo

    I have the Arizer Solo which is excellent and for the same price I highly recommend it. The herb tastes like a "green hit" every time and it's so smooth on your throat.

    By on

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  • 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

    Overall good

    I like it. At first I was not so much disappointed as I was shocked that it burns herb. Twas an easy fix With a honeycomb glass screen.

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  • 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

    Not worth it

    This costs way too much for something that's this hard to figure out the trick to vape your herbs. Without the glass screen you burn your herb. With the glass screen, you can vape herbs, but you have to know the trick. The thing will turn off after holding the button for 10 seconds, then wait 3 sec for it to reset so you can hold the button 10 more sec. On the third time of holding the button, you can start hitting it. You have to heat up the glass screen so you can vape your herb. It's a pain to do and is irritating. All atmos products are lame. This is the best they have to offer, their number one seller and its not as good as the pulsar 7, in my opinion, and the pulsar 7 is half the price! If your not trying to be stealthy with a pen style vape, the vapir no2 is the way to go! No combustion, great battery life with digital display, very well built and easy to clean. The atmos has way too many parts to clean and replace. I still use it though when out and about.

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  • 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

    Big Mistake

    This thing does not vaporize. It combusts. If you're just looking for a more discreet way to smoke in public, this may be a good option for you, but if you can't/don't want to inhale smoke and you need a true vaporizer, please don't buy this. It was a huge disappointment.

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Q: I recently purchased an AtmosRx vaporizer and after charging the battery the vaporizer does not work. How can I unlock it?

Asked By gloria on September 09, 2017

A: Hi Gloria, Charge the AtmosRx Vaporizer for 4 hours the first time you charge it. The LED light will turn green when the battery is fully charged. To take a hit, hold the power button for 2 seconds to activate heating. If the battery needs recharging, the LED light will blink ten times. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: Can the Atmos RAW(RX) vaporizer also burn bubble bag extractions well?

Asked By Tyson Adolfson on October 01, 2014

A: It is really designed for use with dry herb and concentrates may damage the heating coil.

Q: How long does the battery life last and how long do I need to charge it for?

Asked By Christian on November 01, 2013

A: The AtmosRx comes with a high quality lithium ion battery and provides continuous usage for over 3-4 hours. Make sure to charge the unit until it’s fully charged, which can take up to 2 hours.

Q: Are there any necessary steps to ensure longevity and functionality of the unit?

Asked By Lauren K. on October 22, 2013

A: We recommended using a small brush to clean the heating chamber. This should be done every couple of uses to prevent buildup, ensuring more efficiency and performance from the vaporizer.

Q: What are the differences between the Atmos Rx and the AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer?

Asked By Stephanie on October 21, 2013

A: The AtmosRx Jr uses a smaller heating chamber, battery and mouthpiece. In general the Jr. version is a more compact version of the standard model. However, the cartridges are interchangeable with both versions.

Q: Am I using the RX wrong because when I exhale I see smoke?

Asked By phillip on September 09, 2013

A: Try holding down the heat button for a less amount of time.

Q: Can the atmos RX burn dry herb as well?

Asked By Darrion on June 18, 2013

A: Yes. It's fully compatible with dry herbs.

Q: How do I properly clean my heating chamber?

Asked By Joshuavinson on June 11, 2013

A: We recommend using a small brush to clean out the heating chamber.

Q: How long should the ceramic heating part last? Can individual parts such as this be ordered?

Asked By T on January 17, 2013

A: The ceramic heating chamber should last for a long time if you clean it regularly. However, we also sell the ceramic heating chamber for the AtmosRaw Vaporizer separately.

Q: Does it leave smell?

Asked By Juan direction on October 16, 2012

A: All Vaporizers emit a mild "fragrance" that resembles burnt popcorn. However, it really depends on the type of herbs your vaporizing. But it will never stink up the room like smoking will cause.

Q: You can use this with herb, right? It's not meant for just waxes and oils?

Asked By Ryan Bish on September 12, 2012

A: Yes. The AtmosRaw Vaporizer is intended for vaporizing dry herbs.

Q: What is the benefit of the double heating chamber in the green Atmosraw? If it is a double heating chamber I feel like that would make the herb combust rather than vape.

Asked By paul sharalla on September 01, 2012

A: The extra heating chamber with the Green Atmos Raw Vaporizer is simply intended as a additional replacement. SInce only one heating chamber can be used at a time, this extra piece can be used as a backup.

Q: Does it burn various substances or just herbs?

Asked By O on August 07, 2012

A: The AtmosRaw Vaporizer is designed to vaporize any kind of dry plant matter. The AtmosThermo Vaporizer is designed for use with oils and liquids.

Q: What's the battery life on this unit?

Asked By keith on July 28, 2012

A: The AtmosRaw lithium ion battery should provide over 72 hours of continuous use. The charge time is only 2 hours and it's backed with a 1 Year Warranty.

Q: How big is this unit?

Asked By Dan on June 07, 2012

A: The Atmos Vaporizer is roughly 6" tall and 1" wide. It's very portable and compact. It can easily fit inside your pocket and weighs less than 1 pound.

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Quick Instructions:

Step 1: Grind and prepare your blend.

Step 2: Remove the Chamber Connector and Mouthpiece from the Ceramic Heating Chamber.

Step 3: Insert on screen inside of the Ceramic Heating Chamber.

Step 4: Place your ground herbs on top of the AtmosRx Vapor Screen.

Step 5: Screw the Chamber Connector/Mouthpiece back into the Ceramic Heating Chamber.

Step 6: Hold the Power Button down for 2 seconds and then start taking slow & steady breaths for no longer than 7 seconds.

Step 7: Release the Power Button for 3 seconds and repeat as desired.

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