banana bros.

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  • Handcrafted with care, this 20 pack of 110mm cones is designed for use with the OTTO™ grinder and automatic rolling machine. Made of 100% all-natural raw fiber, banana bros.™ OTTO cones offer slow and balanced burning with pure-tasting flavor and aroma.
    • 20 Pack
    • 110mm
    • Designed for the OTTO Grinder

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  • The OTTOtm by banana is the first ever all-in-one smart milling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and filling the perfect joint in mere seconds. Boasting patented SMART technology, the OTTO senses the consistency of its contents and automatically adjusts its movement to deliver the perfect grind.
    • All-In-One-Tool
    • Grinds Herb and Fills Cones Rapidly
    • Smart Milling Machine

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  • Boasting a cop mustache that demands respect, this collector's edition OTTO™ Grinder by banana bros.™ is inspired by the cult classic "Super Troopers." This first-ever smart grinder and mill automatically grinds herb AND fills the perfect cone with authority.
    • Limited Edition 'Super Troopers' Design
    • Grinds Herb AND Fills Cones
    • Smart Mill

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This is banana bros.

They have one goal…

Making it easy… to take it easy.

They also have one core belief. Just because life is complicated, doesn't mean relaxing has to be. They invent products that are absolutely bananas when it comes to making things easier for you. The team behind banana bros. has been rethinking common household products for the past decade. They've brought us Nutri-Bullet, Magic Bullet, and InStyler, selling over five billion dollars worth of products in the last 10 years. Now their focus is on simplifying the way we relax, one breakthrough product at a time.


Meet OTTO. It is the first ever automatic grinder AND rolling machine. It grinds your herb. Then it loads your cone. The best part? It does it ALL at once in under a minute. OTTO features patented SMART grinding that mimics the way human hands twist a grinder. Just load OTTO and push the button. Herb is milled and automatically loaded into a premium cone. For the first time ever, you can grind AND roll with the push of a button.

banana bros. made OTTO reliable and intelligent. It features aerospace-grade aluminum milling plates that perfectly grind herb. The mill slices herb rather than smashing it, leaving its natural flavors and effects in place. As herb is ground, OTTO senses its consistency and automatically adjusts its movements to deliver the perfect grind. Simply load a cone in the O-Tube, press the button, and let OTTO do the rest!


OTTO Super Trooper Edition wears a police mustache and uniform with authority. Based on the movie "Super Troopers", this limited edition smart grinder and roller makes it easy to break all the rules. Load your herb and press the button. The OTTO Super Trooper features automatic grinding and rolling that flies way past the speed limit, rolling a cone in under a minute. You'll find a package of premium Johnny Chimpo cone-shaped sachets in the box. Made of 100% natural raw fiber, they burn slow and even. Capable of rolling up to 30 cones per fully charged battery, the OTTO Super Trooper Edition lays down the law every session.