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  • Designed for fast and efficient dabbing, the Blazer Big Buddy TURBO Torch offers an extremely powerful 2500F flame and an impressive 60 minute continuous burn time--all in one easy-to-use, portable butane dab torch. Offering more than the average dab torch, the Big Buddy ensures safe and satisfying dab sessions with a precise flame height adjuster, flame lock lever, and igniter button with safety lock
    • 60 Minute Continuous Burn Time
    • Maximum 2500F Flame
    • Precision Flame Height Adjuster

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  • The Blazer Big Shot Torch offers a safe, seamless, and efficient dabbing experience with state-of-the-art engineering and an easy-to-use, portable design. Featuring a high grade Piezo crystal ignition, this anti-flare butane torch lights up instantly, maintaining a clean and reliable flame that can be toggled with precision using the flame height adjuster.
    • Precision Flame Adjuster
    • Piezo Crystal Igniter
    • Rapid Ignition

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  • Higher Standards teamed with Blazer to bring you a premium edition of the legendary Big Shot Torch. Featuring a high-powered adjustable flame, this completely self-contained, refillable, and portable dab torch lets you master your dab sessions.
    • Adjustable Flame
    • Wear-Resistant Brass Nozzle
    • Refillable Tank

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Based in Farmingdale, New York, Blazer Products Inc. manufactures the best industrial-strength dab torches in the industry. Characterized by functionality, performance, and convenience, Blazer torches have become a staple of the dabbing community, offering a more efficient way to enjoy wax concentrates. Committed to innovation and quality, Blazer continues to make an impact on the way people dab, offering advanced flame control, extended tank capacity, wide temperature ranges, portability, and the latest safety features to provide a complete dabbing experience. These refillable butane dab torches come in a variety of models, each offering a unique set of features and capabilities.


When Blazer launched their lineup of professional, industrial-level hand torches, dab enthusiasts instantly recognized the opportunity to enhance their sessions. Designed for precision, quality, portability, and safety, Blazer dab torches enable wax concentrate lovers to extract more flavor, effects and aromas from their oils. Combining power with ease-of-use, Blazer torches offer everything we love about traditional torches coupled with modern functionality. They deliver the high temperatures needed to extract huge, milky clouds from wax concentrates in addition to cutting-edge safety features, adjustable flame height, easily refillable butane tanks, and portable designs.

Crafted to give dab lovers more control over their sessions, Blazer torches feature advanced flame height adjusters. You can adjust your flame with precision, pinpointing the perfect intensity for your dab nail. Most of these premium dab torches feature a maximum flame temperature of 2500F, delivering huge, lung-expanding clouds. The flame is free of sparks, ensuring a safe and efficient dabbing session. Dabbers can heat their nail, then allow it to cool off to a certain degree until optimal dabbing temperature is achieved. Blazer torches feature brass nozzles that deliver clean and full flames for thorough and secure heating.

Unlike other dab torches, Blazer devices are fairly portable, fitting more easily into your stash set. This enables you to dab on-the-go. It also offers a more discreet experience. You can conceal your Blazer torch easier than larger, more conspicuous torches. Blazer torches such as the Big Buddy are safe to store, featuring a child-proof safety lock. You can leave your torch stored securely with more peace of mind knowing it can't be activated accidentally. Blazer torches are the most discreet, portable, and secure dab torches available, making them the go-to torches for those who want a safe and relaxing dabbing experience.

Simply put, Blazer offers what you've been missing in a dab torch. Travel-friendly, safe, high performing, and versatile, these premium dab torches boast professional, industrial-level quality to deliver a more enjoyable dabbing experience every session. A favorite of dab connoisseurs, Blazer torches are the most essential and reliable dab tools out there.


Although they feature cutting edge functionality, Blazer torches are very easy to use. First you need to disengage the safety lock. This security feature, located on the back of the torch head, should always be on when you're not using the Blazer torch. This prevents accidental ignition. To turn the safety lock off, simply flip it upward. Now you'll be able to ignite the torch.

Next, you'll need to switch the gas on. Blazer torches feature gas adjusters that come in a variety of styles, so make sure to read the instructions. Simply slide or twist the gas adjuster open. You should hear butane hissing. Now you can engage the ignition switch to light the torch. You can adjust the flame size using the gas adjuster. When you're finished dabbing, simply turn the gas off. Make sure you hear no hissing, because that means the torch is still leaking butane. Turn the safety lock on and store.

Designed with convenience and safety in mind, Blazer torches are easier to use than the average dab torch. Their controls are solidly engineered for seamless operation, making dabbing easier and more efficient than ever.


Refilling your Blazer torch is easy. First make sure the safety lock is engaged and the gas is turned off. You shouldn't hear any butane leaking or see a flame emitting from the nozzle. Now it's safe to fill the Blazer torch. Simply remove the detachable base to reveal the fuel port on the bottom of the torch. Make sure to wear safety glasses just in case fuel sprays. Shake your butane can. Then connect the valve of the spray can to the fuel port of the dab torch. Create an airtight seal to ensure that the fuel doesn't leak. Wait for a big, wet sprayback, which means the tank is full. It should take 10 or 15 seconds to fully refuel the torch. Once you've refilled the Blazer torch, let the device stand upright to ensure no air bubbles are left in the tank.


The latest addition to the Blazer torch family is the Big Buddy. This dab torch may be compact at just 6" tall. But it packs impressive power, reaching temperatures as high as 2500F. Advanced features enable precision dabbing with incredible ease-of-use. Enjoy 60 minutes of continuous use, outlasting most other dab torches by a country mile. Engage the flame lock lever and keep the flame going without having to hold the ignitor button down. The Blazer Big Buddy Torch offers the power of larger torches with a more compact, easy-to-use design. You get all the benefits of a traditional industrial-strength torch with modern functionality, ensuring a truly hassle-free and enjoyable dabbing experience every session.


Blazer changed the dabbing game with their flagship dab torch, the Big Shot. Boasting a solid and reliable brass flame nozzle, precision flame control, and a detachable base for sturdy resting, the Big Shot has all the trappings of a premium dab torch. Engineered for convenient dabbing, the Big Shot torch provides 35 minutes of continuous use at a maximum of 2500F. With a portable design, this premium dabbing torch can be stored in your stash set with ease. A child-proof safety lock allows you to safely store your torch without worrying about it accidentally igniting. From the classic Blazer Big Shot to the compact yet powerful Big Buddy torch, there's a Blazer torch for everyone.