Brand New Vape Pens at VaporNation

VaporNation is absolutely stoked to offer three brand new pen vaporizers made by the expert vape manufacturers at Vaporite. Meet the Emerald, the Ruby, and the Sapphire Vaporizers.

These thin, sophisticated vape pens run the gamut when it comes to vaporizing aromatherapy material. Whether your druthers take you to dry blends, essential oils, waxy oils, or e-juice/e-liquid material, these new Vaporite pens are guaranteed to befit any vape-centric lifestyle.

Here's a teaser video we cooked up for these three new vapes, which are exclusive to VaporNation:

If you'd like to learn more about the new personal vaporizer pens from Vaporite, read more after the jump!

Emerald Vaporizer - The Emerald is a fast-acting herbal vaporizer pen made for vaporizing loose leaf material. It features a handy one-button activation system and 5-click locking mechanism to protect the life of the battery while the vape is in transit. The Vaporite Emerald comes in the eponymous Green as well as Black, Blue, White and Silver casings.

Ruby Vaporizer - The Ruby is a premiere wax vaporizer which heats up quickly and like the Emerald, features a one-button activation system that will blink to let you know it's unlocked. This one has a cool see-through button and also comes with hygenic mouthpiece tips for group vaporizing sessions. Like the Emerald, the Vaporite Ruby comes in its titular Red as well as Black, Blue and Green.

Sapphire Vaporizer - The Sapphire Vaporizer is the crown jewel of the Vaporite collection. I say this because it has the ability to vape essential oils as well as smoking substitutes such as e-juice and e-liquids. It's easy to charge, load and clean. What's more, the Sapphire is one of the most affordable and efficient personal vaporizer pens anywhere -- so you're not only saving your lungs; you're saving your wallet too.
The Sapphire Vaporizer is available in the following colors: Blue, Black, Green and Silver.

If you have any questions at all regarding these new pen vapes from Vaporite, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments below, or you can Circle me at and I'd be happy to chat vapes all day long!