5 Cool Things About 5 Cool Oil Vaporizers

Here are five of my favorite things about my five favorite oil vaporizers, in no particular order.

We start with "The G Pen Vaporizer" which has always been one of the most reliable pens I have ever owned.  It has fought off cold winters with freezing temperatures and still managed to produce great vape sessions.  I even dropped in the snow once, fired it right back up and was vaping in just a matter of seconds.  You gotta love that kind of craftsmanship.  The G Pen Vaporizer is a solid purchase for vaporizing oils and sells for only $79.95, you cant go wrong.

Next up is the "White Rhino Sleek Vaporizer" known for its great looks this one is definitely a head turner.  It has been compared to such things as sports cars and designer watches.  Pop one in your shirt pocket and hit the streets, its so discreet that most people wont even notice.  The White Rhino Sleek retails for $69.99 @VaporNation.

Now I present the oil vaporizer that seems to have it all and its called the "Trifecta Vaporizer", it looks really good, very simple and clean.  It is also super portable and easy to carry as are most pen style vaporizers.  But I think my favorite thing about the Trifecta is its high quality Lithium Ion Battery.  It can hold a charge and is ultra fast to heat up.  Its like a mini nuclear in there or something.  The Trifecta Vaporizer sells for $149.99, comes with free shipping and a free grinder.

The 4th Oil Vaporizer I want to throw into the mix is another great pen to have in your collection.  Referred to as the "710Pen Vaporizer" there is really only one reason you need to own it.  The super cool little LCD display.  If that isn't enough it also comes with all the extra goodies you could need.  Stirring/cleaning tool, USB charger and Cartomizer + Shell.  The 710Pen Vaporizer is on sale now for the low low price of $99.99.

Last but still not least is the oil vaporizer with my favorite name, its called the "Delta 9 Omicron", what I like most about this model is that they are now on version 2.5 of the Omicron.  So you know that it just keeps getting better.  I remember when these oil vaporizer pens first came out and its crazy to think back and realize just how far vaporizers have advanced to today.  The Delta 9 Omicron retails for $159.99 but you can get yours now on Vapor Nation for just $139.99.
Hope that helps, be sure to leave in questions or comments down below.