5 Reasons to Start Vaping (Infographic)

A vaporizer is many things. A discreet way to decompress, a better alternative to other methods of consuming dry herb, wax concentrates, and eliquids, and a way to save money by getting the most out of each bowl.

There's a lot to love about vaporizers. That's why vaping has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year. 

If you’re wondering if you should start vaping, here are 5 reasons to own a vaporizer. 


Vaporizers Are Combustion-Free

This is the number one reason why you should vape. The hits from a vaporizer are smoother, less smoky. Vaporization heats dry herb and other materials at a temperature below the point of combustion, so what you inhale has much fewer particulates than smoke. Each draw is easier on your lungs, and the essential flavors and aromas of your dry herb are preserved rather than burnt up. 


Vapes are Cost-Effective

Because vaporizers don't burn up a fraction of your bowl every session, you get more out of your dry herb or waxy oils. That saves you money that you can spend on other things--like more dry herb! 


Vapes are Discreet

Vapes are discreet thanks to their small size. They fit in your pocket, and can even hide in your hand while you're vaping.

When you take a hit, the vapor disappears in just seconds, while smoke stays lingering in the air. 

Vapes heat up fast. Some, like the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer for dry herb, heat up in just a minute. Others like the Firefly 2 heat up in just seconds. This enables you to take a quick hit without drawing attention. 


Vaporizers are Precise

Imagine dry herb as the cave where the forty thieves hide their treasure in Aladdin. The mouth of the cave is blocked by magic. But if you say the magical word, it'll open and you'll have access to great riches. 

Smoking dry herb let's you poke your head in the cave, but vaping dry herb is more of an "open sesame" experience, unlocking all the essential flavor notes, aromas, and effects you might not have otherwise known existed. 

Vaporizers extract the essence of dry herb and waxy oils by pinpointing with precision the ideal temperature at which terpenes and cannabinoids are activated. This is a difference you can feel when switching from smoking to vaping. 


Vapes are Portable 

Vaporizers are compact and wireless. You can carry a vape with you pretty much anywhere you go.

It can be smelly and messy to keep a pipe on you wherever you go. Vapes won't burden your pocket. They don't expell ash, and they don't smell smoky. 

Vapes are ideal for enjoying dry herb on-the-go or at home casually. 

With so many pros over traditional ways of medicating, the real question is, what shouldn't you start vaping? 

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