5 Reasons to Visit a Vapor Lounge

22% of couples meet in social places--and other reasons to hit up your local vapor lounge.

I think you’ll agree when I say:

It’s tough finding a public place to vape in peace.

Or is it?

As dry herb grows into a multi-billion dollar industry, new canna-businesses are setting up shop around the country. About a third of these businesses are vapor lounges, which merge the bar and vaping cultures so you can vape away from judgemental eyes and within the limits of the law.

Speaking of the law, vapor lounges in states where herb is legalized usually offer a menu of boutique strains, waxes, and edibles. Elsewhere, you can walk in with your own stuff, buy some coffee or snacks, and enjoy a few hits from your vape pen.

So is your local vapor lounge worth a visit?

Let’s step into some of today’s most popular vapor lounges to see what’s on the menu.

A Chill Environment

Here’s one of the top reasons to visit a vapor lounge:

A relaxing atmosphere that’s in public yet discreet.

For a club vibe, a vapor lounge like Vapor Delight in Santa Monica, CA features trippy neon-lit furniture. This is the perfect place to chill out, interact, and taste-test a variety of different flavors and aromas. Bare in mind that this vapor lounge is ecigarette only, so you can enjoy nicotine eliquid but not dry herb or wax.

Elsewhere at vapor lounges like Vintage Joye in Naples, FL you can find laid back atmospheres, great for intimate conversations, and even creativity. A dimly lit vapor lounge can be a haven for writers and artists (dim lighting increases creativity and our sense of freedom). While having a drink might dull creativity, the combination of moody lighting and vapor might awaken it.

Of course, every vapor lounge is different. Some are dingy, some are sleek. Some quick yelp research will help you find a good spot in your area.

Trying New Things

Some lounges allow smoking and edible consumption in addition to vaping. Many provide products and devices so you can explore different flavors and potencies.

Harvest lounge in San Francisco, the only city where dry herb lounges can exist inside dispensaries, offers an array of canna-products, from herb-infused beverages, blackberry jam, olive oil, granola, gummies, macarons, tinctures, and milk chocolate.

Other vapor lounges will feature a bar serving different types of eliquid, dry herb or wax.

A Discreet Place to Vape

Dry herb may be legalized in 8 states now, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal to take a hit on public property. While it’s not exactly a public place, a vapor lounge allows you to vape freely inside town without worrying about the law or the prying eyes of complete squares.

A New Way to Meet People

Finally, vapor lounges are a platform for social gatherings, friendly conversation, and dates.

Since 2013 dry herb use has doubled to 13% in adults. You can only imagine that number growing as legalization continues to spread. As more people pick up the habit, vapor lounges are becoming a popular place to meet up.

You can also find love in a vapor lounge. Bare in mind, 22% of couples meet in bars and other social settings. It’s the second most common way for people to hook up besides having a friend in common. A vapor lounge is a new kind of social setting where people can bond over their love of herb--or at least use that as an excuse to chat with a beautiful stranger.

Finding a Vapor Lounge

Now I’ll tell you how to find your local vapor lounge.

Whether it’s creativity, exploration, socialization, or romance you’re looking for, a vapor lounge is one of the best places to visit for dry herb and eliquid lovers. You’ll meet like minded people, try new forms of consumption and explore vaporization more deeply, and relish in the slight euphoria of doing legally what was only years ago illegal.

Readers in states where medical or recreational use has been legalized can search this vapor lounge directory for a location near them.

Thomas Gregorich
VaporNation Content Writer

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