5 Stocking Stuffers for 2013

5 Stocking Stuffers from Vapor Nation for 2013

1.    Magic Flight Launch Box- This pocket-sized portable vaporizer is potentially one of the best stocking stuffers since candy. The lightweight and compact device will surely make someone truly happy on Christmas morning. Available in a Maple, Cherry or Walnut wooden frame with a customizable etched lid, the Magic Flight is the perfect gift for someone who loves to have a natural, ‘earthy’ experience when they vaporize.


2.    Tightvac Container- This small, simple plastic container will easily keep your herbs nice and fresh with an airtight seal while you travel to the warm welcoming home of your in-laws. So when you need to sneak a break outside, no need to worry about your herbs being dried and flakey. Available in solid colors, tint and clear, the TightVac is a simple gift that serves a great purpose.


3.    SmokeBuddy- Don’t want your out-of-town relatives to know you’re vaping? A SmokeBuddy will allow you to vape without a potent odor. The perfect fit for a stocking stuffer. Easy enough to carry discreetly in a pocket or purse, SmokeBuddy’s are a necessity when vaping during the holidays.


 4.    The Puffit- Not only is the Puffit small and light enough to carry in your pocket, it’s about as discreet as it gets. You shouldn’t have to worry about suspicion from any skeptical relatives (watch out for grandmothers). The quick heat up time and long battery life are perfect for vaping on-the-go during the hectic holiday season.  


5.    Grinder Watch- The Grinder Watch is perfect for travelling on the holidays. Traditional grinders are usually way too big and bulky to carry in a pocket, and when seen by others, it’s quite obvious what they are. The Grinder Watch makes it nice and convenient to be able to grind up your herbs. This could be one of the biggest must-have vaping accessories of the season.  

Keep your herbs in a your Tightvac Container, grind them in your grinder watch, vape your herbs with your brand new Magic Flight Launch Box or Puffit and exhale smoothly into the odor masking SmokeBuddy.

This Christmas, VaporNation has got you covered.
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