7th Floor Vaporizers, SSV and the Da Buddha

Everyone has a favorite vaporizer and mine just might be the Silver Surfer vaporizer made by 7th Floor.  And if the Silver Surfer had a brother, it would the Da Buddha vaporizer.  While they are similar in fashion there are a few differences worth noting.  The first and most obvious difference is the angle of the heat source, on the SSV it is angled downwards, where as with the DBV it is positioned at 90 degrees outward.  I have noticed that the angle of the Silver Surfer helps eliminate any spillage of your herbs, which can occur more frequently with the Da Buddah.

They were both designed to be used for the vaporization of plant material and do that exceedingly well.  The Silver Surfer vaporizer was made to be more customizable with an almost infinite amount of possible color combinations and styles.  The Silver Surfer is made completely in the United States, while to Da Buddha is made in China and then finished in the USA.  The Da Buddha vaporizer has also been known to reach slightly higher temperatures than the SSV which can lead to the combustion of your herbs.  It should be noted though the heating elements in both units are the same.

Another difference worth noting is that the SSV whip configuration can be changed to a standard glass set-up, which allows you to rotate and spin the wand as you vaporize.  That means you can get a more even vaporization of your herbs while vaping.  That also means that it is not hands free and you will have to hold the whip in your hand the entire time while vaping.

The last major difference between the two is the price.  The Silver Surfer Vaporizer retails for $269.99 while the Da Buddha vaporizer sells for just $189.00.

Read these two reviews, this first one is for the Silver Surfer vaporizer:
"This silver surfer vape is great, very easy to use and portable to carry around. Would recommend to all." - Gabriel
Here is a second review for the Da Buddha vaporizer:
"Love at first sight, that's my main phrase I want all you to understand. This is a whole new way of intake than the harshness of using glass. I do not think I could go back. My lungs are adapted to the Da Buddha now and I can breath a whole lot better. Being an everyday user, I'm looking for healthier ways to chief. And the Da Buddha is it!" - Mustain

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