A few quick thoughts about the Magic Flight launch box

This first thing I love about the MFLB is it's looks.  It definitely does not look like any other vaporizer available on the market today.  The high quality wood and the lazer engraving really make you feel like you have something substantial in your hand, when compared with a crappy piece of plastic.  The magic flight is also handmade in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The magic flight vaporizer also boasts one of the fastest heat up times of all vaporizers coming in at under five seconds.  I would compare the MFLB to a Porsche in that respect, small, compact, sexy and fast out of the gate.  I do recommend using the glass straw, hitting it "native style" can result in some pretty hot vapor.  If the glass draw stem still doesn't do it for you there is also a water pipe whip attachment.  If you combine the water pipe whip attachment with the magic flight power adapter you have a real beast on your hands.

Check out what this lovely customer had to say about their magic flight launch box vaporizer.

"The product is excellent, easy to master after a brief trial and error method. Very simple to use and effective. To top it all, the customer service gave me an immediate response to my inquiry and request. Customer service complied to my request and even gave me more than what I expected. Thank you guys. You certainly have my future business and recommendation. Keep up the excellent work." - Pete