AirVape Xs GO Review - Ready, Xs, Go!


Apollo's latest device, AirVape Xs GO, might be the only vaporizer you'll ever need. The Xs GO offers a completely new design while retaining some of the features found in previous AirVape devices. $50 cheaper than AirVape Xs, the Xs GO offers excellent vapor production at a budget-friendly price.



Like its bigger brother, AirVape Xs GO features hybrid convection/conduction heating. An oval-shaped ceramic oven heats herb directly, while a compartment beneath the chamber fills with hot air, evenly heating the bowl.

The precision temperature of the Xs is absent in the Xs GO. Instead, you'll have 5 preset temperatures. This is likely because the battery features lower milliamps than the original Xs. AirVape is also likely going for a quick draw style. Rather than tinker with controls, users rapidly click the button to get there faster.

The five temperature settings are 355F, 375F, 390F, 405F, and 420F. If you seek flavor, go for the lower temperatures. For larger clouds, turn up the heat. Once you choose a temperature, AirVape Xs GO heats in just 20 seconds.  


AirVape Xs GO features a completely new design. AirVape abandoned the boxy look of their earlier models, trying out a more curvy, compact design similar to KandyPens MIVA 2 or G Pen Elite by Grenco Science. Featuring a 1" width and 4" length, Xs GO will hide completely in your hand. That makes it extra stealthy and portable, and a good companion for on-the-go vaping. It weighs just 2 oz, so you can carry it around without hassle. 

Xs GO is constructed from sturdy ABS plastic. That means it is heat resistant, preventing the device from getting hot in your hand. The exterior is sleek, featuring ergonomic grips and single button control. A 5-light LED displays temperatures, making it easy to toggle settings. The fact that we didn't have to take "cool down" breaks when handling the Xs GO was huge, it's nice to be able to pass this vape around without having to warn the next user the device might be hot. 

The mouthpiece is magnetically attached, making it easy to open the chamber when loading or cleaning. Speaking of which, the chamber has an oval shape that's seen in other AirVape models. This design ensures that the hot walls of the chamber make more contact with dry herb for better heating.

Overall, AirVape Xs GO is minimalistic, functional, portable, and easy to use. It fits right into a busy lifestyle with a more compact design but still offers great vapor. It's a more compact, affordable alternative to the Xs.


The battery itself is 800mAh, 400mAh less than the AirVape Xs. The battery life is shorter, but it charges in just 45 minutes--very fast compared to other portables! If the battery isn't depleted, you can use the vaporizer while you charge.

You can charge via Micro-USB, using the included charger. This is convenient since you can charge from a wall outlet, computer, or car (with the right adapter).


The AirVape Xs GO is a simple vape to use: three clicks power the unit on, and then holding down the same button toggles through the temperatures. This is a fantastic dry herb vape for beginner vapers wanting some temperature variety without a steep learning curve. 

The rapid 20-second heating is geared toward on-the-go vaping. And a magnetic mouthpiece gives easy access to the chamber. 


Overall, the Xs GO is an uber-user-friendly dry herb vape. It features the same heating system as past AirVape units, which is great but is a little more portable and pocket-friendly. And it offers a few features AirVape hasn't touched upon yet, namely the quick-charging battery and comfort grips. 

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