AirVape Xs Special Edition Vaporizer Review

AirVape Xs Special Edition Review

AirVape Xs Special Edition is the baller version of the original AirVape Xs. This iteration features a markedly flashier exterior of black matte with 24 karat gold (ka-ching), with a hybrid conduction and convection system and precision temp control underneath the hood. In other words, AirVape Xs Special Edition boasts clean, smooth, and tasty vapor AND looks like a million bucks doing it. 

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AirVape Xs Special Edition

The Special Edition AirVape Xs comes with a full-fledged kit with some handy tools for vaping dry herb on-the-go. Included are the Xs Shell, a protective case that hides odor and keeps water and dirt off the AirVape Xs, and a remote charging bank for powering up wirelessly on-the-fly. Both are usually sold seperately.

To top it off, AirVape Xs Special Edition comes with a VIP card (also made of gold) that gives you 3 free repairs, no matter what’s wrong, and discounts from certain websites including VaporNation and AirVape. Oh, and it’s protected by a lifetime warranty.

Basically, AirVape Xs Special Edition is a suite of awesome accessories and one of the chicest looking vaporizers since the DaVinci IQ or PAX 3. Let’s break the Special Edition AirVape Xs down to the nuts and bolts.


As far as ease-of-use goes, AirVape Xs Special Edition has a really simple interface with a very minimal learning curve. The device is turned on by clicking the power button 3 times, and temperature is controlled using up and down arrows. You can switch between Fahrenheit and celsius by holding down the power button and down arrow at the same time, convenient for anyone living outside the US. To give you insight into your temperature, battery control, and more, an LCD display shows all the data from your vape session.

Loading the device is super simple. The mouthpiece is connected via rubber grommet, not threading. So you just pop it out to reveal the herb chamber underneath. You’ll want to grind your herb down and pack the herb chamber tight to ensure the best vaporization.

(The AirVape Xs mouthpiece connects via rubber grommet and features an internal cooling system.) 

Overall, it’s a breeze to use the AirVape Xs Special Edition vaporizer, which makes it ideal for vaping on-the-go. You can take quick hits in short windows of opportunity on the street, and waste little time loading the vape.


Obviously AirVape Xs Special Edition looks a lot more extravagant than the usual vape, with its gold plated exterior. But it’s not exactly flashy. It's more sleek and elegant. And the black matte not only looks great but feels smooth and comfy in your grip.

AirVape Xs Special Edition has a unique shape. Nothing really looks like it besides the original AirVape Xs. It’s very compact and thin, hiding easily in your hand, and one of the lightest portable vaporizers out there. You’ll have no problem carrying the AirVape Xs around with you and using it fairly discreetly in public.

AirVape Xs Special Edition Vape


The glass mouthpiece is oval-shaped and ergonomic when taking hits. A silicone connector piece on the bottom of the mouthpiece contains a stainless steel screen and airbox, which filters and cools vapor before it hits your mouth. Make sure to take the mouthpiece apart here and there and clean the airbox and screen.

The mouthpiece is held into the chamber with force. The rubber connector piece squeezes into the chamber. This makes it easy to remove and refill. But unfortunately, the mouthpiece will probably shake loose in your pocket, which is why the Xs Shell comes in handy. It’s plastic, but a cool looking matte rubberized plastic that looks and feels great and doesn’t scratch easily.

The build quality of the AirVape Xs Special Edition is excellent. The anodized metal is lightweight yet sturdy. The black matte with 24 karat gold bottom and top look luxurious as all get out, and also holds up to life's wear and tear. 


The Special Edition AirVape Xs features a half-convection, half-conduction heating system. This heating style is popular with a lot of people because the conduction effect makes heating faster, and the convection delivers tasty, aromatic, and long draws. You get the best of both worlds, striking a balance between a rapid heat up time and clean, smoke-free vapor.

AirVape Xs Special Edition Chamber

The herb chamber of the AirVape Xs Special Edition is found beneath the mouthpiece. Just pop out the glass mouthpiece and you’ll see it. Made of ceramic that’s excellent for conduction because it heats gradually rather than flash vaping herbs and causing smoke. You’ll notice a screen at the bottom of the AirVape Special Edition, and beneath that, airholes through which hot air will flow as the walls of the chamber also heat to vaporize dry herbs in a hybrid conduction/convection style.


AirVape Xs Special Edition delivers comfortable vapor that can be intensely flavorful and aromatic on the lower temps. Temperatures between 360 to 380 will produce very flavor-rich, medium-sized vapor. 

Vaping with the Special Edition AirVape Xs

For the best performance--and some real poignant clouds--finely grind your dry herb. That will leave more surface area for the hot air and hot walls of the chamber to touch. Then pack the chamber tight for optimal vapor production.

For lighter, longer draws, grind herb coarsely and pack it loose, rather than tight. You’ll get more out of the convection style vaping--leaving more room for hot air to do its work between the granules of herb.

Xs Shell  

The AirVape Xs Special Edition vape comes with the Xs Shell, a high grade plastic case that’s odor-proof for discretion and waterproof for protection. What’s unique about the Xs Shell is that while the plastic is durable, it’s also flexible enough that you can press the AirVape Xs Special Edition buttons while it’s in the shell.


(The Xs Shell conceals and protects AirVape Xs without taking away discretion and usability.) 

The Xs Shell has a snap-on connection, making it fairly seamless to open or close. And it’s very protective, with no way of dirt or liquid getting in.

Overall, the Xs Shell gives you a stealthy way of carrying around the AirVape Xs Special Edition that also protects the unit. No funky odor will flow out of the case while you’re in public, and it hides the true identity of the AirVape Xs Special Edition until you have an opportunity to vape without eyes on you. 


Because the AirVape Xs Special Edition is so compact in size, the battery is smaller than average with 1300mAh capacity. While the battery won’t last as long as other vapes, the charge time is much faster. Expect about 30 to 45 minutes of continuous usage depending on the temperature at which you vape. And you can fully charge the AirVape Xs Special Edition in just over an hour via USB.

Because the Special Edition AirVape features pass-through charging, you can also vape while you charge. Just give the unit a minute to charge then you’ll be able to vape while it’s plugged in.

(The power bank is super compact, enabling remote charging on-the-go.)

The AirVape Xs Special Edition vaporizer also comes with a power bank for remote charging, a majorly important gizmo for vaping on-the-go. The power bank boasts a 2500mAh capacity that provides more than enough energy to stay charged up throughout the day. Credit-card thin and lighweight, the power bank isn’t difficult to carry with you, and boasts a sleek, minimalist design akin to Apple products.

You also get a charging dock that displays the AirVape Xs Special Edition in all its glory while it charges.

VIP Experience

AirVape Xs comes with a variety of accessories including extra screens, cleaning and packing tools, and an extra glass mouthpiece. But one particular accessory, the gold VIP Card, makes you feel pretty special.

AirVape VIP Card


This card comes with some major benefits such as 3 free repairs, no questions asked, a 20% lifetime discount on AirVape products, and a 20% discount on VaporNation purchases. This adds value to the overall experience of owning the AirVape Xs Special Edition--a little like owning a Mercedes Benz and being treated like a king or queen when you take it in for maintenance. 

Is AirVape Xs Special Edition For You?

AirVape Xs Special Edition Kit

AirVape Xs Special Edition has one of the most baller designs in the vape industry. The black matter/gold exterior looks smooth as hell without being too flashy. But that’s not really what you’re paying for. The included kit gives you everything you need to vape on-the-go. And the AirVape Xs itself is stealthy, extremely easy-to-use, and satisfying. In a nutshell, the AirVape Xs Special Edition vaporizer is for the dry herb enthusiast who wants to invest in a truly great vaping experience, and own a really elegant looking vape, too. 

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